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Anonym definition, an assumed or false name. See more. DU Updates is youth-oriented educational news, entertainment & fashion website. We intend to fetch all the News and Information of events, fests, competitions, different opportunities around DU and other college campuses. Check out if your are a student.

DU Updates. Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. T recovery. Home Home. Covid19 Jyotisha Ranjan - April 18, Load more. Whwt Dhingra - April 16, 0. The board exam of Jyotisha Ranjan - April 15, 0. Officials involved in the Delhi University admission process said that admissions to colleges in Delhi University are likely to be delayed by a few Jyotisha Ranjan - April 13, 0. There is good news for the xnonym of Delhi University.

Delhi University, which was in the limelight due to the clashes and high cut-off Gunjan Dhingra - April 9, 0. DU Admissions the University of Delhi has started the admission process for foreign students. The university has also applied for the academic iz Varsha Verma - April 8, 0. Gunjan Dhingra - March 30, 0. The race for admission of foreign students to Delhi University DU has started. DU is excited by the increase in enrollment of foreign students Whatsapp application has been under dark clouds fo.

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Friedrich Nietzsche was a German philosopher who really hated Christianity and morality. By revive, I mean grossly manipulate to make it seem anti-semitic and Nazi-ish because, hey, when in Rome, right? In , Alain de Botton made a six part series on philosophy which is now available online. One episode on Nietzsche details his life and work. Nietzsche had the impressive feat of becoming a professor by the age of However, he was alienated by his peers and forced to retire by the age of Nietzsche also wanted abandon philosophy in favor of gardening, but apparently failed at that as well.

Botton claims that Nietzsche was grotesquely incompetent at romance. You would think a philosopher who argued for the embrace of suffering and the triumph of the over-man must be the philosophical equivalent of Chuck Norris. Part of this was due, of course, to that syphilis he caught earlier. It would almost be as ironic as discovering conservative god-figure Ayn Rand was on government handouts. Oh wait, she was. For a man who suffered a lot, he learned to celebrate it. After seeing a horse being whipped in the streets of Turin, Italy, Nietzsche had a mental breakdown that put him in an asylum for the rest of his life.

Nietzsche is reported to have run over to the horse and held it in his arm to protect it before he collapsed to the ground. Botton continues to explain that Nietzsche began to believe himself to be Jesus, Napoleon, Buddha and other historical figures.

As such, he never drank. Watch the Alain de Botton video on Open Culture. Nietzsche was also allegedly in love with this woman 3 He was sickly for most of his life You would think a philosopher who argued for the embrace of suffering and the triumph of the over-man must be the philosophical equivalent of Chuck Norris. Radical philosophy news and entertainment.