how to authenticate celine mini luggage

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How to spot fake Celine Luggage Mini/Nano bags Step 1: Real vs fake Celine Luggage bag inner label As we said previously, we consider the interior label being the Step 2: Check the exterior CELINE PARIS printing on your Celine Luggage bag As . Jun 15, Celine Bag Authentication. We've put together pictures of stamping, serial numbers, zippers, etc from the most popular Celine bags (mini, micro, trapeze, phantom, nano). Test your authentication skills. Can you tell the difference between authentic and fake Celine bags? Are the bags below real or fake Celine? Answers are at the bottom. 1.

Often, it is referred to online interchangeably as a serial number or date code, despite the miji that these two things are fundamentally different. These numbers are used differently when authenticating a product and, therefore, I always like to stress the importance of distinguishing the two. Since this is a date code, as opposed to a serial authennticate, the same number can be repeated on multiple bags. The date code reveals information about the bag, which can be used to lugagge and verify the authenticity of the product in hand.

The first three letters represent the factory code identifying the location of what do glaciers leave behind when they retreat factory where the bag was made and the last four digits represent the date of manufacture whereby the first and third digit represent the week and the second and fourth number represent the year. After identifying what year the bag was made in Step 1 abovetk what the correct logo should look like:.

Bags made before September use the old logo, which has a right pointing accent over the first "e". Beware painted-on duplicates of the logothat's a telltale sign of a fake. Check all 3 steps to verify the authenticity of your bag, watch our video here! At The Revury we inspect every piece to verify authenticity and work with U.

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Celine Luggage Tote Authentic Date Code Examples

Mar 31, Leather tab and serial number All Celine bags from the reign of Phoebe Philo have a serial number located on a leather tab inside the bag. On Mini Luggage Totes this tab will be inside the interior pocket. The serial is written in capital letters with dashes between in this format: one letter, two letters, followed by a four digit number. The color of the logo should always match the color of the zipper and the hardware, and the outside stamp should just say CELINE PARIS while the inside stamp should say CELINE Made in Italy. Although sometimes just Made in Italy is stamped on the inside. On a Mini Luggage Tote, the exterior Celine logo should have an accent aigu, or right-pointing accent, above the first e, and Paris printed beneath. The font should not look thick and blurry, nor thin and faint. The interior label will have Made In Italy printed in caps to the right.

The Phantom and the Luggage tote affectionately known as Robot Faces have achieved cult status, yet alongside this degree of fame is the soaring counterfeit market. Unfortunately, eBay is a breeding ground for counterfeit items, and I regularly see buyers handing out hundreds of pounds for fakes.

Yet despite this, some fakes are so good that they slip through the net of the authentication process. Usually there are only one or two aspects of the super-fake bag that are inconsistent with authentic bags. Therefore, in order to avoid losing potentially hundreds of pounds, one of the most important things we can do as buyers is to systematically check every aspect of the bag in question. As an example, some counterfeit bags have a logo that looks real, yet the hardware will be wrong.

This is why you should check every part of the bag in question and not rely on a single factor such as the zip, or the serial number tab when authenticating. One of the most instantly recognisable features of a Luggage Tote is its shape. Many poor quality fakes are simply the wrong shape. Luggage totes come in a variety of different leathers, made up of different textures and aesthetic finishes.

These include drummed, smooth, shiny and pebbled variations of calfskin, as well as bullhide and goatskin. Authentic bags will feel soft and supple, whereas fake totes will crease and wrinkly easily. They also often have a rough, matte finish, while real ones will have a slight sheen.

Totes made from drummed leather tend to hold their shape the best over time, whereas smoother calfskin models will droop more quickly. The tote above is crafted from thick, pebbled leather, while the bag below is made from a smoother calfskin. Both of these bags are real, yet the below model has more of a tendency to droop.

As previously mentioned, the leather will feel rough and often has a matte finish to it. With real bags, there will always be some suppleness to the leather, and it will have a slight sheen. Below are two examples of Nano totes in drummed leather. Note that the model on the right is very rigid and the leather appears hard, rough and has a matte finish. The model on the left looks more pliable, and the leather is smooth and has a slight sheen to it. The right model is fake, while the left bag is real.

The hardware is often a tell-tale sign of a fake, as many counterfeiters get it wrong. There are many things to look for on the hardware. Below are two examples. Secondly, the base of the clasp on the left is completely different from the one on the right. The fake model has four distinct rings, separated by gaps. The real one has three rings, and there are no gaps between them. Below are photos of the same clasps as above.

Notice that the thumb pieces are distinctly different. On the real one the word begins at the top of the clasp.

On the fake one, the word is read from the base upwards. Counterfeiters regularly get this wrong. In addition, the centre of the zip between the zip teeth should be curved and have a numerical marking, which denotes the size of the zip.

Below are two examples of authentic zips. Below are two examples of fakes zips. The left zip has a letter, not a number. The zip on the right has a flat centre and there are no markings. Some counterfeit bags are very well replicated, while others are very poor.

Many counterfeiters neglect to include the acute accent. Below is a photo of a very obvious fake, in comparison with a real one. The left bag is fake, and the bag on the right is real. The photo on the left is real. The font is slightly thicker, and the letters have clean, straight edges. On the fake bag on the right, the letters appear more sparse and thinner.

While the letters on the right have cleaner and crisper edges than the fake bag above, they are more spaced apart. Therefore the bag on the right is fake, and the left one is real. There are differences in the thickness of the embossing, the shape of the leather tab itself, the font and the format, and this makes it a minefield for authenticators.

One thing that remains constant is the format in which the serial number is presented. This is: one letter, followed by two letters, followed by four numbers.

These will be separated by a dash. The letters indicate the location of the factory where the bag was made. The first and third numbers indicate the week it was made, and the second and fourth digits determine the year. However, some bags have a single line, while others have two lines of serial numbers. This is not true. You will find curved edges and straight edges on real tabs.

As you can see, there are lots of variations in font, tab shape, the embossing and format. In addition to this, serial numbers are not unique to each bag, and can be repeated. Therefore as mentioned above I always recommend scrutinising all other aspects of the bag as well. On the right image, the writing is not impressed clearly enough and the dashes look like dots, instead of lines.

On the left image, there are no clear dashes and the digits are bunched too close together. On the right image, while the serial number itself looks fine, the edges of the tab look messy. I hope these guidelines make it easier for any of you seeking to buy an authentic bag. If you have any queries, leave a message below or send me a direct message via the Contact page. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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