how to build a backyard gas fire pit

DIY Backyard Fire Pit: Build It in Just 7 Easy Steps

Jul 19,  · thanks for shaing about DIY Backyard Fire Pit: Build It in Just 7 Easy you begin building, consult your local fire code to see if fire pits are allowed in your city and, if so, how far away the fire pit has to be from a structure. Then, gather your supplies: Bricks for the fire pit wall Gravel Twine or string Tape measure Stake. Sep 11,  · A fire pit is a great way to enjoy time outside. This easy DIY project is great for all skill levels and customizable to your own backyard or patio. It can be built in grass, on concrete, or patio pavers. Debating between a propane or natural gas fire pit and wood-burning fire pit? Gather around a warm and cozy fire with family and friends to.

When looking to create the mood and ambience found around a campfire, check out our top picks for fire pits—one is sure to be the best gas fire pit for your backyard. Gas fire pits have some distinct advantages over wood fire pits. With automatic ignition systems, gas fire pits are also easier to light, but they still might not be the right choice for everyone.

Most gas fire pits are powered by pound propane tanks that users must refill every time the gas runs out. Gas fire pits come in various sizes and designs, and some produce more heat than others, so the plans you have for enjoying your new gas fire pit will factor into the model you how to cut cookies into shapes. If you want to entertain family and friends around a large permanent pit, you might want to have a custom gas fire pit installed by a professional contractor.

If a bit of ambience is needed when dining on how to make crepe paper hibiscus patio, a small tabletop model might best suit your needs.

Gas fire pits can be round, which is traditional for ground-level pits; oblong or square; or built into the top of a column or table. Gas fire pits are rated for heat output in Btu British thermal unitsand the higher the Btus the more heat the fire pit will produce.

You can find fire pits with Btu outputs that range from around 15, toBtus, depending on size, but most average 30, to 60, Btus. For the best results, locate your gas fire pit in a spot where it will be protected from strong wind. The type you choose may be regulated by local fire codes, so call your local fire department if you have any questions. Propane comes in small 1-gallon tanks, which are typically used to power tabletop fire pits or portable fire pits that can go along to tailgating events and camping, but typically it is more convenient to connect a gas fire pit to a pound propane tank to keep from having to change the tank so often.

Both connections must be made by a licensed plumber. Gas fire pits present a couple of dangers, including risk what is the most nutritious vegetable to eat burns from someone touching a hot portion of the pit or an explosion from leaking gas.

This is always a risk with small children nearby, and the safest fire pit will feature an outer casing that remains cool to the touch. The other hazard with a gas fire pit is the possibility of gas leaking out. Some pits come with a safety shutoff that turns off the gas supply if the fire goes out.

To qualify as a top pick, a gas fire pit should be well designed, easy to operate, and, above all, safe to be around. The following models were chosen for a variety of heating and design needs, and one is sure to be a good addition to your backyard.

For an attractive fire pit that produces enough warmth to keep everyone toasty even after the sun dips below the horizon, check out this Endless Summer gas fire pit. It produces a hardy 50, BTUs of heat, and it runs on a pound propane tank that tucks neatly out of sight in the sleek steel cabinet beneath the fire bowl. Flames dance among 12 pounds of fire glass included that fill the fire bowl and produce a shimmering flame effect. The Endless Summer fire pit also comes with an automatic igniter for quick fire-ups that is equipped with a safety valve and a steel insert what is the best paper for wedding invitations cover the fire bowl when not in use.

The unit weighs 80 pounds, measures 30 how to install joomla using cpanel by 30 inches square, and stands Measuring a full 44 inches long, the Outland Living fire pit table does double duty. As a full-size coffee table, it can hold drinks and plates, while its oblong center fire pit sets a relaxing mood with dancing flames that flicker throughout The Outland Living fire pit produces 35, Btus of heat and comes in your choice of color: espresso brown or slate grey.

The fire pit is constructed from high-quality aluminum covered on the sides by durable polyethylene wicker. It weighs 96 pounds, measures 32 inches in width, and tops out at 23 inches high. It comes with a push-button igniter, and a tempered-glass insert is available sold separately for covering the fire bowl when not in use.

Bring out the fire pit and pull up a chair with the compact and portable Outland Living fire bowl. This smaller unit is great for people with tiny yards and patios or adventurers who want to keep warm at night. It comes with 4. A foot connector hose allows you to position a pound propane tank out of sight.

The Outland Living fire pit also comes with a steel cover and carrying kit for easy transport. You can enjoy the flickering flames of your own backyard fire pit and still stay within your budget with the Giantex. It features a natural stonework design that adds campfire appeal while producing 40, BTUs of radiant warmth and reflective flames. The fire pit comes with lava rocks to create natural-looking flames, a stainless-steel fire bowl, and a foot connection hose and tank seat so you can tuck a propane tank out of sight.

It also includes a cover for when not in use. The round fire pit measures 28 inches in diameter, stands 9. The fire pit stones are made from flame-retardant magnesium oxide to give them a realistic stone look, and the fire pit comes with an electric igniter for easy fire-ups. Any time you have a live flame, a measure of danger exists. A fire pit offers warmth and ambience, and having one might make your backyard the go-to spot in the how to make erasers without eraser clay. While wood fires are rustic and soothing, gas fire pits offer some advantages.

All fire produces some warmth. Smaller gas fire pits starting at around 15, Btus will have beautiful flames but not an appreciable amount of heat. If your main goal is to produce heat, go with a model with at least 35, Btus or more. Cook hot dogs and toast marshmallows, but be careful not to let them drop into the fire pit, or there will be a mess to clean later. Use a long stick or skewer so you can stay safely away from the flames while your dogs are roasting.

If a gas fire pit is left out in the elements on a continuous basis, its metal fittings might rust and corrode. Do not allow the fire pit to burn unless an adult is present. Disclosure: BobVila. You agree that BobVila. All rights reserved. Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home remodeling, home repair, and DIY. To end up with the right choice for your needs and budget, start with our roundup of top-favorite picks, below! By Glenda Taylor.

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Fire Pit Buyer's Guide

A gas fire pit’s dimensions run the gamut from a tabletop model that measures just a few inches high and wide to a 3-foot-diameter, ground-level fire pit with a perimeter made of natural stones. Free 2-day shipping. Buy Best Choice Products 30, BTU Gas Fire Pit for Backyard, Garden, Home, Outdoor Patio w/ Natural Stone, Handle, Cover at May 18,  · Labor Cost to Build a Fire Pit. Professional landscape companies can be hired to build a fire pit. Expect to pay an average hourly labor rate of $55 to $ Many fire pits can be completed in less than a day at a labor cost of roughly $ to $ Cost to Run a Gas Line to Fire Pit. If your fire pit is gas-fueled, you may need to run a gas.

Get a quote in. Many of today's homeowners are looking for more than a traditional wood deck with a grill in their backyards.

These days, accessorizing means amenities like ponds, vegetable gardens, outdoor kitchens and fire pits. Because styles, sizes and materials abound, your choices should be based on your space at hand, budget and, of course, local ordinances.

Some municipalities ban open burning of any kind. Before you start dreaming of moonlit nights and toasted marshmallows, here's what else to consider about planning a fire pit:. You can purchase a simple kit at a hardware store.

Or, if you're up for a DIY project, you can create your own backyard fire pit. But costs certainly can also go up to several thousand dollars, especially when seating is added, says Angie's List. As you begin planning, you may want to think in terms of permanence. Do you want a fire pit that is built in — a focal point in the yard — or something that's lightweight and potentially portable, so you can take it where you want your gathering?

Permanent Fire Pits For a permanent fire pit, choose something that coordinates with the color, style, shape and materials you have in your yard already, says Houzz. You can assemble a fire pit yourself with a premade kit from a hardware store that comes with everything you need. Or, you can go fully custom and have a landscape professional or contractor design and build it.

Portable Fire Pits Portable fire pits offer a lot of different options. Fire bowls are typically made of copper, steel or cast iron, according to HGTV. Fire tables typically use propane or natural gas and have an area around the fire where you can put food and drinks, according to the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association.

Freestanding fire pits called chimineas feature a chimney-style vent, says HGTV. Regardless of which style you choose, you need to use proper stones and materials something that shouldn't splinter when the fire heats up. Make it proportional to the size of your yard, and be sure you have room for seating and circulation, says Houzz.

Wood, propane or natural gas are most common choices to fuel an outdoor fire pit, according to Houzz. Those who favor the sound of a crackling fire may prefer burning real logs, says Houzz.

This will require a steady supply of firewood. Some fire pits use natural gas or propane for an instant fire — though you don't get the same crackle and smoke as a wood fire. A propane fire pit will have an attached tank, while a natural gas fire pit will require a gas line that runs from your house to the fire pit. It's best to set a portable fire pit atop a fire-resistant surface such as metal, pavers or bricks, says HGTV.

Putting it directly on a wood deck or grass can be dangerous if embers fly. Many communities require a minimum of a foot distance from your house and neighbors' yards, according to the Seattle Fire Department. Some don't require a permit if the fire pit fits within set size requirements, while others require a site inspection from local fire officials to help make sure your proposed location is safe away from fences, structures, overhanging branches, etc.

Some communities may also have restrictions on wood burning fires, says Houzz. Check with local officials before you purchase or start planning a fire pit. Provide enough light for people to walk around the yard safely but keep it subtle enough to avoid destroying the camp-fire mood, says The Family Handyman. Consider light posts or overhead string lights but don't hang them directly over the fire pit. Energy-efficient LED lighting can also be plugged into a nearby outlet without requiring you to call an electrician.

When adding seating, HGTV recommends keeping it far enough away from the fire for people to get up and move around safely. Built-in seating and heavier chairs may help keep people from moving too close to the fire pit. A fire of any kind demands serious attention to safety. It's also important that you know how to safely dispose of the ashes when you're done with the fire for the night.

Once the ashes have cooled, Portland Fire and Rescue recommends putting them in a metal container and pouring water on them. In some parts of the country — areas prone to wildfires , for instance — disclosing your fire pit may be a requirement of your homeowners insurance policy. It may also be a good idea to check in with your insurance agent to understand how having a backyard fire pit may affect your coverage.

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