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This easy hack adds wireless charging to Samsung Galaxy S3

Jun 15,  · Charging Samsung galaxy s3 if it has broken micro USB charging port. Samsung galaxy s3 not charging, USB port doesn't work what to do. if you don't want to f. A video how to, tutorial, guide on charging your Samsung Galaxy S III. For other very useful how to guides & tutorials visit: Website: datingyougirl.comhowto.

With this easy hack, you can salvage parts from the retired Palm Pixi and use them to add wireless charging to your Samsung Galaxy S3. Although wireless charging is creeping into the market and already evolvingthe technology is still absent in some of the most uow phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S3. Aglaxy, Samsung did mention a wireless charging kit that would be released following the launch of its flagship phone. But charte, promises -- Samsung's aftermarket kit never came to fruition.

Alas, the Internet has moved on, tech blogs are abuzz with rumors of wireless charging coming for the much-anticipated Galaxy S4. Well, if you have an S3and you're tired of waiting for the unicorn charging kit, there is a decent and probably much cheaper alternative for you, ready to be snatched up.

You should be able to do this easily with just your fingers. Then, remove the silver adhesive. Save both of these items what does para empezar mean you'll use them later.

Then, before you remove anything else, grab a small piece of paper translucent wax paper charve herelay it on top of the circuitry, and carefully plot where each component is. Be sure to include the coil and the four metal discs. Set the template aside -- you'll refer to it again in a bit. Grab a small knife and carefully remove the circuit board and the copper coil. These are the parts that allow your phone's battery to receive a wireless charge.

Finally, remove the metal discs and set them aside. At this point, you've torn apart the Palm case which is now even more useless than it already was. Your next task will be to place these components into the S3's backplate. Remove the backplate what to eat in breakfast to gain weight your S3. Then, bend the L-shaped circuit board up.

This puts it in a position that allows it to make contact with the phone. Next, replace the metallic adhesive over the coil, using tape if it halaxy adhere. Then, using the template you made in the first step, place the metal discs around the copper coil.

These will keep your phone attached to the touchstone. Once everything is positioned, tape it down with scotch tape. Step 3: Complete the connection The final step is to bridge these parts with your S3's battery. For that, you'll need to grab the copper tape. On the L-shaped part of the circuit board, you'll see two raised power terminals. Place the folded-over end on the top power terminal, sticking the rest of the tap down so that it reaches the edge of the backplace.

It should basically be parallel with the bottom edge of the backplate. Then, take another strip of copper tape and fold it over the same way, placing the folded-over edge on top of the bottom power terminal, but this time, stick the tape down diagonally toward the edge of the backplate.

Make sure both folded-over ends hoow pressed well against the power terminals, even if they don't necessarily adhere. Finally, grab your phone. To the left of the battery, you'll see two power terminals. Take the last two pieces of copper tape, and, repeating the method from the last step, ot over one end.

Place the folded-over end in to the top terminal, and repeat the same thing with the bottom terminal. With a pencil, push the folded-over ends how to charge galaxy s3 copper tape into the terminals just a bit, so there's a good connection with the circuitry. Reassemble your S3, and place it on the Touchstone -- you should get a notification letting you know your device is charging.

At this point, you can place the black adhesive lining over the components, or some other thin material like black duct tape to clean up the look. You're done! With your phone charging wirelessly on the Touchstone, it will charge a slightly faster chagge than if it was plugged in via USB.

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Jun 04,  · How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S3 Not Charging. Step 1: Verify your charge is working. There are different ways to do it. You can try charging other devices with it and if they respond, it means Step 2: Verify the USB cable/cord is good. Step 3: Check if the USB/Utility port . 35W Power Adapter Duo: This powerful charger supports USB-C Power Delivery and lets you charge two devices simultaneously with a USB-C and USB-A port. Not only can you charge your Samsung phone or tablet, you can quickly charge any USB-C PD device, like a laptop, or even an iPhone. The USB-A port supports Samsung Adapative Fast Charging.

The Droid Guy. So, we find it necessary to publish a troubleshooting guide that will walk them through determining what the problem with their phone is so that they would know what to do next. It is, therefore, necessary to use technical deduction when troubleshooting. It means that we will have to rule out one possibility after another and we will base that on the possible causes, such as….

It is difficult to know how much damage liquid may have caused and to what extent. So, if you are positive that liquid entered your phone, you better have it checked immediately. Please note that liquid damage is not covered by warranty. If you see damage on the outside like cracked screen, bent covers, bulges and other deformities and the phone started acting weird, it is almost certain the impact has damaged some of the components inside.

For outside components, you can easily tell which one needs replacement, however, the components inside are difficult to determine. Therefore, you need help from a technician.

There are different ways to do it. You may also try using a different charger if possible with your phone to know if it will charge. If still nothing, then proceed to the next step. You may plug the USB cable to other chargers just to see if the phone would respond if it could detect current being pushed to the battery. If not, then it probably not the cable that has a problem.

So, proceed to the next step. If the port is loose, the phone may charge if you hold the cable while charging. Some users reported they wiggled the cable around and their device detected current being pushed in but only for a few seconds. You will actually know if the charging port is loose by pushing the end of the cable to the left or right, up or down.

But then again, you need help from a technician if this is really the problem with your phone. You must begin this procedure by checking if the battery is properly mounted on the phone. Just open the back cover, remove the battery and try doing these….

There could some issues with the hardware inside. If you noticed the device getting hotter prior to the problem, then it may have overheated affecting some components.

However, if the phone got damp or wet, the charging or power IC may have been busted. This is the worst case scenario as you will be required to buy a new motherboard for the phone to work again. Of course, buying a new phone is more practical than having the motherboard replaced. What is the life expectancy of a battery for this phone?

I have replaced the battery once and that fixed the problem one time. What is common life expectancy of a battery for this phone? Thanks so much for the info—very pleased indeed! I did find that the phone made better contact with the Choetech charger if I lay the phone face-down on the countertop, and flip the charger upside down and place it on the back of the phone. This is just a small card that you stick on the back of your existing battery so your phone will charge wirelessly.

This stays on your battery inside your phones case. This is a charger for newer phones, pads, etc. This set up allows my phone to charge right through a thick Otterbox case with no problem. My Galaxy s3 is not charging. Took it to get new battery and was told battery fine but my USB port was loose. Bought a charger for battery but leaves me with no phone while charging and my work relies on it. My phone is 2 years old and was told it was a good phone and should last a while. Any suggestions?

Step 1: Verify your charge is working There are different ways to do it. Step 4: Verify the battery is fine You must begin this procedure by checking if the battery is properly mounted on the phone.

Just open the back cover, remove the battery and try doing these… While the battery is out, check the connectors on the phone to see if they properly aligned. Get a dry cloth and clean the connectors on the battery as corrosions often interfere with the current. Try spinning the battery on the table to know if there are bulges. We can help you troubleshoot. Thanks for any ideas you may have.

Thanks for listening and for any ideas you may have. I owe you a debt of gratitude, Charlie!