how to clear your mind after a break up

How To ‘Re-Wire’ Your Brain After A Breakup To Ease Your Pain (And Stop Wanting Them Back)

One of the best ways to keep your mind off a breakup is to avoid any contact with your ex. Calling, texting, emailing or checking for updates on social media outlets isn’t likely going to change anything, and holding on to the hope that there could possibly be a reconciliation won’t allow you to live your life and move forward. Sep 30,  · Parker suggests writing out a short narrative about your breakup. Just a sentence or two is fine. For example, “I need time and space to reconnect with myself and my needs before I .

Ever wish you could hit the reset button on your brain the way you do when you reboot your computer? Marissa Vicario, a New York -based certified health and wellness coachgreak it's not only possible; it should be a regular part of your day.

Vicario suggests building specific moments into your day to step away what to see in london clear your mind. Here are five quick things you can do to refresh your focus :.

Take a walk outside. When you sit still, your body systems are at rest, says Vicario. Moving your body helps wake up your mitochondria, the part of your cells that generate energy. She says taking a brisk walk several times per week can make your mitochondria double in size, which helps the body produce more energy. The combination of fresh air and exercise also stimulates blood flow to the brain so you can re-gain clarity and focus.

And if you can't get outside for a walk, do a lap or two around the office or even stretch at your desk. Just moving your body helps. Drink a glass of water. Most Americans are chronically dehydrated, says Vicario, mijd studies show dehydration can slow down brain function. Vicario suggests drinking in ounces half your body weight each day. For example, a pound woman should have 60 ounces of water a day, or about eight 8-ounce glasses. If the taste bores you, add mint leaves or slices of lemon, orange, lime or cucumbers.

Breathe in or diffuse lemon essential oil. Keep a small bottle of lemon essential oil at your desk, suggests Vicario, and inhale it from what is slovakia known for bottle ho add a drop to a cotton ball. This will naturally refocus your mind. Eucalyptus and rosemary can also have a similar effect. Eat something healthy.

A healthy snack can stabilize blood sugar, stave off hunger pangs and assist with healthy brain function. Vicario suggests keeping trail in basketball what is a field goal, nuts, seeds and dried fruit in your desk.

Other healthy snacks include a piece of whole grain toast with avocado, celery sticks and nut butter. Foods that are high in sugar will cause a quick spike and drop in your blood sugar. This will create a cycle of feeling energized and then tired, which is draining over the course of the day. Take a nap. When you're your own boss, a quick nap is something you can schedule into your day. A minute nap provides significant benefits for improved alertness and performance, according to the National Sleep Foundation.

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2. Go to therapy.

A very simple technique (almost ridiculously so) for interrupting an unwanted, thought-based habit is to put a rubber band around your wrist and snap it every time you catch yourself thinking about.

By Lisa. We all know breakups are awful and hard to get through. Keep reading below for some helpful ways to keep your mind off a breakup and cope. One of the best ways to keep your mind off a breakup is to avoid any contact with your ex. Another one of the best ways to keep your mind off a breakup is to exercise and burn off some negative energy. I know a workout is the last thing on your mind right now, but exercise does your mind and body a world of good.

Exercise will help your work out your anger and frustrations, it can help boost your self-esteem, releases endorphins AKA happy chemicals and help relieve anxiety.

Talk to a close friend or family member about your thoughts and feelings. Another way to keep your mind off your ex is to get rid of any reminders of your past relationship. Throw your reminders out in whatever way you see fit. Get out there and enjoy life! Get your friends or family together and do something fun for a change.

Pick an activity that you enjoyed pre-coupledom and let loose. Leave your troubles at home and enjoy time with the people you love. Why not take this time to focus on yourself?

Do nice things for yourself like getting a massage or pedicure. One of the surefire ways to keep your mind off of your ex is to go for a change of scenery. What was your life like before your relationship?

Were you an avid crafter, sports junkie or bookworm? When we get in a relationship we often start doing things as a couple and our own hobbies get pushed on to the backburner. Who until the crack of dawn. Make getting over a breakup a little easier by taking yourself shopping. Window shop to get some inspiration for your next outfit. If you have the extra funds, why not splurge on something nice for yourself? As painful as it might be in the beginning, remember that you can learn something about yourself through this breakup.

You can grow from this experience and take whatever mistakes or anything you gained from this relationship on to other areas of your life.

Use the breakup as an opportunity to better yourself and reconnect with yourself emotionally instead of put yourself down. Going through a breakup is no doubt one of the hardest things to go through in life but you will get through it. Although things might look very bleak at the moment, you will be happy again. Use your time and energy to focus on your happiness and look forward. Do you have any suggestions on ways to keep your mind off of a breakup?

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