how to connect usb to playstation 2

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Usb Adapter Remove the PlayStation 2 controller from the PS2 gaming port. Plug the PS2 end of the adapter into the open PS2 port. Attach the USB cable running from the PlayStation 3 controller. The question is too vague, what do you mean by “PlayStation 2 cable”? Do you want to use a PlayStation 2 Cable on your PC? Do you want to connect a PlayStation 2 to your PC? What exactly do you want to do? If you want to connect a PlayStation 2 co.

I've been looking for a diagram all over the internet, but I just can't find one. I'm looking to adapt a PlayStation 2 controller to usb, to act as a gamepad for my computer. I do lots of emulation. I was thinking I would just have to replace the current connector with a usb end, does anybody have a diagram or some wisdom to share? Best Answer 10 years ago.

I did almost exactly what "frollard" said! Answer 10 years ago. Making one will be a pain. The PS2 controller uses a proprietary serial connection to transmit data. You must use some sort of signal interpreter to input the controllers data and spit out usb compatible preferably gamepad data. Suggestion: Buy an adapter. You can't beat those prices with DIY.

It's not just adapting the wires, its interpreting what coffee do you use in a delonghi coffee machine digital instructions.

I was hoping I could just splice a few wires together I don't actually need the analog or rumble, only a few of the face buttons. Perhaps I could tear it apart and just use those, housed in a separate container? Now that I think about it, it sounds like a lot of work But, I have the day off, I'll try to find some instructions somewhere. Or maybe instead of USB an ethernet cable? I've never gotten to take one of those apart This is starting to look like a job for Ben Heck Good thought, and bad thought.

The only ports you can DIRECTLY interface on a computer with any sort of 'just what did molly pitcher do in the american revolution switches' would be a parallel port, or a gamepad port, and I wouldn't recommend that anyway - one crossed wire and you are out a motherboard.

Plain-ol mechanical switches don't talk this language - and they certainly don't 'speak' ethernet. Your 'correct' way to do this is with some sort of microcontroller, sadly, these are not easy to learn quickly but definitely possible to work with them on a hobby level.

Your next best bet what I do is to hack an existing USB gamepad and wire directly to the buttons on the internal circuit board. This way, the hard part of talking to the computer is already done in an efficient manner, and you can just wire up the switches however you want :. I hadn't thought of doing that, our local thrift shops should have a few usb gamepads. It's too bad we can't mark replied comments as best answer Either way, great answer :.

One way to do it is to look up how to connect it to an arduino, I have read something on this before. Then you can have the arduino send keyboard presses to the computer, according to what the ps2 controller sent to the arduino.

Then you can just set what keypresses do what in the emulator. Follow Asked by nickodemus in Circuits. Tags: usb playstation ps2. The forums are retiring in and are now closed for new topics and comments. I what is the disclose act using a separate usb gamepad, or a microcontroller with usb functionality :. JaredsProjects 10 years ago.

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Plug your memory card into the PS2 memory card slot. Plug the USB flash drive into the USB slot. Turn on your PS2. Place the flash drive software CD into your PS2. 1: PSX Dual Shock Controller 2: USB Port Extender Cable (Doesn't work as one 4: Scissors (Pretty self explanitory, to cut the wires) they can work) and I don't want to ruin my DualShock 2 (PS2) controller so if I mess up. I want to modify the connecting wire(8 pin out) into usb by my own. Making one will be a pain. The PS2 controller uses a proprietary serial connection to transmit data. This connection is NOT IN ANY WAY directly pin compatible with differential USB data lines. You must use some sort of signal interpreter to input the controllers data and spit out usb compatible (preferably gamepad) data. Suggestion: Buy an adapter.

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The protocols and hardware are not at all compatible. You're in for way too much work, risk, and pain. You can, however, buy a cheap adapter for just a couple of bucks.

You can not simply replace a PlayStation 2 controller connection with a USB connection, and expect it to work. The immediate clue is in the wires. Not only do the data lines mis-match, but the power line for the controller uses 3. With specific knowledge and skill in electronics and the data being exchanged, it is definitely plausible. There are guides online for doing so , but they can be are generally complex, and not for the layman.

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Show 4 more comments. Active Oldest Votes. Improve this answer. I can confirm these adapters work. I just played some Guilty Gear X2 and it worked perfectly after setting up the mappings. Add a comment. Simply connecting the controller to a powered USB slot could cause unsalvageable damage.

Waiting for accept-timer to expire But thanks. Or I may just bust out the old PS2 itself. Daniel PS3 controllers are also wireless. At least I think it's B-mini. As a side note I need to figure out how to connect it to the internet if that's possible of the PS2?

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