how to copy a bootable xp cd

Create a bootable Windows XP CD slipstreamed with SP2 and hotfixes

Dec 15,  · Creating your own Bootable Windows XP CD-ROM and installing XP from boot disk 1. Copy the contents of your Windows XP Setupdisk to your PC’s harddrive, be sure you copy ALL the files. (for our 2. Then copy the file: to this same . Dec 13,  · Burning the Bootable Windows Install CD/DVD. If you have not downloaded ImgBurn, get it now and install it. You will find it listed on's Free CD and DVD Burners and Copying Open up Notepad, and copy the text from the box below (make sure you select everything - .

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Status Not open for further replies. My computer has only one CD-Rom drive to write or copy. Thank you Windows XP. I have no CD burner in my computer. I tried to install a CD creator by donwloading microsoft service pack 2 but it takes a long time to do that EXE put it in its own folder and run it.

Make the volume lable whatever you like. This will create a winXP cd that will be bootable when burned to CD. Type "cdburn" no xland it will tell you how to burn the image. The ways described above are fine, but there's a quicker, easier way and takes only 1. Bootable all there is to it, very fast what size djembe is right for me very easy!

Now open any burning program and burn the ISO. Sigh, just skimmed through replies and missed that you dont even have a CD-burner If you want to make a backup, just copy all of the XP CD's contents to some safe folder on a disk preferably a partition you just use for backup etc.

No need to make an image if you dont have a CD-burner. Later when you actually buy it, you can use this folder with Nlite to create a bootable XP CD and burn it So no need for anything now, just copy the whole CD to disk. Btw, you'll be able to start the install from the disk too, and it can be a whole lot faster than installing from the CD.

You can pick up a CDRW drive for pretty cheap these days and it's fairly easy to install, if you need help installing it, just let us know. Just so you know, it is illegal to make copies of Windows CD. But you do need to use boottable kind of burning software to copy the CD so it copies the boot sector as well.

Also if you don't have service pack 2 installed, that means that your system is pretty vulnerable to hacker and virus attacts. See if you can download service pack 2 from a friend's computer with highspeed or even an internet cafe or something and burn it to CD and hhow it. You can burn as many as you want.

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Jun 02,  · Use Nero's 'Copy CD' option. Set source drive as your CD/DVD drive, and target drive as Image Recorder (i.e. your hard disk). If the Image is copied fine, you can burn the image to a fresh disc. If in case the disc is scratched badly and Nero is unable to make an image, you might need to use alternatives like IsoBuster. Jan 01,  · Copy the whole XP CD's contents to some folder on your harddrive. Run Nlite, choose option 'Create Bootable ISO', dont touch anything, click next, name your iso, click Save. . Apr 26,  · To use it, with the disc you want to copy in your optical drive, open Windows Explorer, right-click the optical drive and select Create image from .

Posted August 1, by Jimmy S in Windows installation. Last Updated on December 15, This recipe will explain how to make a copy of your windows xp bootable from cd.

This requires a FAT32 Partition! Then copy the file: smartdrv. Open neroburn. In the wizard or startsmart, go to Create Bootable Disc. Put in the windows 98 boot disk floppy 6. Nero will ask for either the boot image locatoin or to use the Floppy, use the floppy. Then Click NEW. Once it finishes, you will have a bootable windows xp disk. When it boots, it will boot up like when you put in the windows 98 floppy disk.

Save your settings and put in your bootable XP disk we made. If you have to create partitions or format the harddrive do so now. Once the drives are ready, reboot again with the BIOS Settings as they were and the xp bootable disk in.

The reason i suggest using smartdrv when installing from dos is that it drastically improves file transfer speed and XP reommends it. Now that smartdrv is enabled, we will want to start the installation process. This will start the Windows XP installation program. Once it gets down copying files, it will tell you that you will need to reboot. Hit Enter to reboot.

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