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Sep 03,  · The mat is the plain paper or cardboard border which goes around a picture inside of a frame. Using a mat will make your picture and frame look more professional and finished. It will also make it easier to see the picture. Before you begin measuring your material, you should determine how wide you want the mat to be. set of decorative vintage frames and borders set gold photo frame with corner thailand line for picture vector design decoration pattern style border design is pattern thai art style. * Save PNG AI. ornaments draw lines border design elements illustration. *

See more words how to build a survival kit the same century. Accessed 18 Apr. Nglish: Translation of frame for Spanish Speakers. Britannica English: Translation of frame how to stop milk supply after breastfeeding Arabic Speakers.

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frame (fram) n. 1. a. A structure that gives shape or support: the frame of a house. b. The structure or physique of a human or animal body: a worker's sturdy frame. c. An open structure or rim for encasing, holding, or bordering: a window frame; the frame of a mirror. 2. a. A closed, often rectangular border of drawn or printed lines. b. The edge. Picture Frame. Style: Classic Complexity: Moderate. Picture framing a deck involves running at least one layer of deck board around the perimeter of the deck, at the edge of the inlay. Picture frame patterns lend a polished feel to your outdoor living space while also staying subtle enough not to compete with other add-ons like lighting or. In the picture framing industry, a mat (or matte, or mount in British English) is a thin, flat piece of paper-based material included within a picture frame, which serves as additional decoration and to perform several other, more practical functions, such as separating the art from the datingyougirl.comg mats in a frame is called matting, a term which can also usually be used interchangeably with mat.

A structure that gives shape or support: the frame of a house. The structure or physique of a human or animal body: a worker's sturdy frame. An open structure or rim for encasing, holding, or bordering: a window frame; the frame of a mirror. A closed, often rectangular border of drawn or printed lines. The edge, usually rectangular, delimiting the boundaries of an image. The bounded area of a visual image, as in photography or film: filled the frame with a cast of thousands.

A single image, as in a comic strip or graphic novel, usually bounded by a rectangular line. Computers A rectangular area in which text or graphics can be shown, especially one of several rectangular areas on a web page displaying different documents simultaneously. A general structure or system: the frame of government. A general state or condition: The news put me into a better frame of mind. The presentation of events in a narrative work, especially a work of literature or film, such that characters in the narrative exist in isolation, uninfluenced by, unaware of, and unable to interact with the narrator or audience.

Linguistics a. The context in which discourse occurs. A pattern for a syntactic construction in which one of a group of words can vary.

A round or period of play in some games, such as bowling and billiards. To enclose in a frame: frame a painting. To put together the structural parts of; construct the frame of: frame a house. To conceive or design: framed an alternate proposal. To establish the context for and terminology regarding a subject of discussion or debate , especially so as to exclude an unwanted point of view: The question was framed to draw only one answer.

To put into words; formulate: frame a reply. To make up evidence or contrive events so as to incriminate a person falsely. To prearrange a contest so as to ensure a desired fraudulent outcome; fix: frame a prizefight. Baseball To catch a pitch in such a way as to make it appear to have passed through the strike zone. All rights reserved.

Photography a. Electronics a. US and Canadian equivalent for senses 8a, 8b : rack. Computer Science computing on a website a self-contained section that functions independently from other parts; by using frames, a website designer can make some areas of a website remain constant while others change according to the choices made by the internet user.

Agriculture one of the sections of which a beehive is composed, esp one designed to hold a honeycomb. Textiles a machine or part of a machine over which yarn is stretched in the production of textiles. Linguistics in language teaching, etc a syntactic construction with a gap in it, used for assigning words to syntactic classes by seeing which words may fill the gap. Statistics statistics an enumeration of a population for the purposes of sampling, esp as the basis of a stratified sample.

Electronics in telecommunications, computers, etc one cycle of a regularly recurring number of pulses in a pulse train. Copyright , , by Random House, Inc. In photography, any single exposure contained within a continuous sequence of photographs. Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms. US Department of Defense Examples: the heavy frame of the forest, ; frame of mind, ; of our monarchy, ; of society, ; of the spirit, ; of sticks, ; of timber, ; of waggons [number travelling together]; of the world, Dictionary of Collective Nouns and Group Terms.

Copyright The Gale Group, Inc. Switch to new thesaurus. Based on WordNet 3. To create by forming, combining, or altering materials: assemble , build , construct , fabricate , fashion , forge , make , manufacture , mold , produce , put together , shape. To form a strategy for: blueprint , cast , chart , conceive , contrive , design , devise , formulate , lay , plan , project , scheme , strategize , work out.

To devise and set down: draft , draw up , formulate. Cadre encadrer fourchette image monter un coup. He has a slight frame. Her hair framed her face. The building will be made of concrete on a steel framework. He is in a strange frame of mind. Mentioned in? A-frame harrow Balloon frame Bottle-neck frame bucksaw Cartesian coordinate system cartridge clip cartridge holder casement chassis Cheval cheval glass Circular harrow cold frame coordinate axis coordinate system crosse Double floor Drag harrow embroidery frame.

References in classic literature? There is no room to tell how the experienced Melissa found a far-off frame so messed and mishandled by abandoned cell-building experiments that, for very shame, the bees never went there. View in context. I noticed, in a heavy frame , one of those depressing View in context.

The elaborate character of the frame had made the picture extremely bulky, and now and then, in spite of the obsequious protests of Mr. But because there is, in man, an election touching the frame of his mind, and a necessity in the frame of his body, the stars of natural inclination are sometimes obscured, by the sun of discipline and virtue. Froth appeared at the corners of her mouth, and her whole frame trembled.

The surface of the frame was black with what appeared at first sight to be a thick, bubbling fluid of some sort, pouring viscously to and fro as if some hidden fire had been lighted beneath it.

But this would be most evident, if any one could see such a government really established: for it would be impossible to frame such a city without dividing and separating it into its distinct parts, as public tables, wards, and tribes; so that here the laws will do nothing more than forbid the military to engage in agriculture, which is what the Lacedaemonians are at present endeavouring to do. While in that frame of mind he leaned thoughtlessly against a druggist's show-window, wherein were one hundred and fifty kinds of assorted snakes.

I fancied the discontent of age and disease arose from his family disagreements; as he would have it that it did: really, you know, sir, it was in his sinking frame.

We might have got on tolerably, notwithstanding, but for two people - Miss Cathy, and Joseph, the servant: you saw him, I daresay, up yonder. Suppressing a strong inclination to laugh, I stepped through the bronze frame and up to the Time Machine. Dictionary browser? Full browser?