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The 7 Realistic Stages of Bleaching Hair: from Dark to Light Hair

Apr 23, †Ј Step 1: Color Remover The first thing you should do to lighten dark hair, is get as much black (or dark color) out of your hair as you can. You may have to do this process a few times. Color remover, like У Color Oops,Ф works by entering the . Apr 20, †Ј Colorist Denis de Souza, co-owner of Mare Salon in LA, adds that on naturally dark (but not too dark) hair, two full highlight sessions done the same day can create a .

There are a series of processes and factors to consider in order to get a desirable end result. Let me fill you inЕ. First and foremost, I have seen a lot of people mess up their own hair while trying to lighten it, due to lack of experience. Ultimately, I recommend having an experienced hair color specialist take your hair through the correct processes. Next, I want you to know that to lighten how to write a check in usa hair, it must be done over a series of processes.

You cannot go from black to blonde overnight. You can try, but you will probably do a lot of damage to your hair think: hair melting off, level of damage. Next, I have to mention that hair that has been previously colored, reacts different from virgin hair hair that has never been colored. Virgin what if diastolic pressure is low will be a lot easier to lighten than colored hair.

Lets say, for the sake of this article, that we are talking about someone who has previously colored their hair what does fluticasone propionate do and their hair is in pretty decent condition. Also, lets pretend that they have never bleached their hair before. The first thing you should do to lighten dark hair, is get as much black or dark color out of your hair as you can.

You may have to do this process a few times. It does not remove any of the natural pigment in your hair. Because of this, this step will not work on hair that has not been previously colored. Color remover will not return your hair to the same color it was before dying it. The end result of using color remover is going to be a brassy color. You can tone this color and live with a more desirable tone of hair for a few weeks. Since the color remover may cause some damage, spend time reconditioning your hair.

When your hair has recovered from the color remover, it is safe to add a little bit of highlights. The highlights will help break up the brassiness of the hair, and look more blonde. I would only recommend adding some fine, natural highlights throughout the whole head at first. Also, using color will not lighten your hair to the desired level of blonde; you need to use bleach. Over the next few months, you can continue adding more and more highlights to your hair over multiple processes.

Having someone else do this step is crucial; they can make sure not to bleach the same sections, over and over again. Do deep conditioning treatments to your hair in between processes. After enough rounds of highlights, it should be pretty easy to lighten the rest of your hair to the same level without causing excessive damage.

Remember that this process should occur over many months. You lighten a little bit at a time, and let the hair recover in between processes. That is the best way to lighten your hair without damaging it beyond repair or having bright orange hair. Your Turn: Did you learn anything new? Have you ever taken your hair from dark to light? I used both light ash brown and very light blonde streaks to create dimension.

All of my roots came out brassy orange! I left both colors on for 45 minutes. What color s can I use on my roots to match the rest of my hair, a mix of dark and light neutral blondes?

Thank you! It really all depends on what the previous color was, the undertones of your natural color, how many times your hair has been colored, etc. Is your natural color dark? I would love to get my gray back with some beautiful silver. Is this going to be long process to do? What do you recommend? You have grey hair but dyed it brunette and now want the grey back, right? This is definitely a process. I would probably strip the color and then add some thin, natural highlights that blend in with your hair and tone them to a silvery color.

This will help your natural hair grow out while blending with the colored hair. Hope that helps! I have brown hair that is turning gray. How can I get to gray?


Nov 01, †Ј ItТs an almost invisible blonde, so my best advice is that if you want to go from dark hair to this bleaching stage, go to a salon. These applications lighten your hair by up to eight shades whether your natural hair color is medium blonde or light brown. Specially formulated applications for very dark hair (medium brown to black) still lighten dark hair by two or three shades without creating any undesired red tinges. This is how hair . Jul 31, †Ј Going from dark brown hair to blonde with hair dye alone is probably unrealistic, but you can definitely lighten up virgin hair without bleach. For example, if you have light brown hair thatТs never been dyed, you can dye it blonde without using bleach. If you have dark brown virgin hair, you can dye it light brown or red without using K.

There are various ways to transition to gray hair from dyed hair, and all of them have advantages and disadvantages. But there is no wrong way to go gray. You have to do what works best for you: for your pocketbook, for your emotional well-being, and for your health. When you are coloring your hair every two weeks to cover your gray roots? Not so much. All of the methods have advantages and disadvantages.

Some are free, and some are expensive. Some are faster than others. My best advice? Choose the method that best suits your temperament. What does it mean to go gray cold turkey? It means just letting your gray hair grow in, and except for the occasional haircut leaving it alone.

Going cray cold turkey with medium length hair can take a while. The average length of time seems to be around 20 months. So you have to decide: are you willing to wait that long, or do you want to have a quicker transition? I have seen some very beautiful buzz cuts on silver-haired women. She buzzed all her hair off to go grayЕ and after a while, she grew it long again.

If you want to see a great video of a buzz cut transition, check out Naturally Grayceful on YouTube! Buzzing your hair off is a dramatic way to go, but if it suits your personality, go for it! You could be done with your gray hair transition in months, depending on how short you go! Many women are happy to transition with a pixie. Personally, I really was invested in my identity as a green-eyed, pale brunette. Cutting my hair short and going gray quickly would have been very traumatic for me.

So, I chose to go gray cold turkey with longish hair. I was worried about looking nutty with multi-colored hair, but I got over that quickly. It has actually been fun watching my hair turn all different colors, and I now see the beauty in transitioning hair. Going gray with long hair is also a good route to go if you find that you are really enjoying the gray hair transition. Getting a salon treatment to help you transition to gray hair is a great option for a lot of women because it is faster than the cold turkey method, it hides your demarcation line, and it can make your transition seem seamless.

A salon transition can also be a welcome alternative for women with careers in the public eye politician, lawyer, actress, etc. Many women in these fields feel uncomfortable coming to work with two-toned hair or are told outright by their bosses that it is inappropriate. A salon transition is often quicker than a cold-turkey transition, depending on the length of your hair. There are downsides to the salon transition. For one, it can be quite expensive. If your hair is long, you could look at several months or more of pricey services to get your grays to blend.

Of course, just as in hair dyeing, chemicals are involved. If you have fragile hair or very dark brunette hair that requires a lot of treatments , your hair can become damaged.

If you choose one of these routes, try to get recommendations so you can make sure to find a salon that has experience with these methods. Check out these Silver Hair Transition Stories of women who have used salon methods to go gray or a combination of cold-turkey and salon treatments. The easiest and fastest way to go gray is to get your hair buzzed very short. I only link to products that I personally like or that have been recommended to me by my silver sisters.

You can see my full policy here. And to see how other silver sisters feel about the gray hair transition, check out this post: The Surprising Truth About Going Gray. Please do me a favor and share this post to social media, as it helps me grow my audience and spread the word about our Silver Revolution! And remember to subscribe to my YouTube Channel and Pinterest Feed for more gray hair tips and product recommendations.

Fanciful Roux Rinse on a cotton ball applied only to four inch gray roots top and front to help diminish the demarcation line, plus trimming the ends regularly, is my preferred method as I stay on this journey to becoming fully gray. This makes it an easy transition for me.

I am debating. Just turned Have continued dyeing it a strawberry blond for many years now with my sister every five weeks or so. It looks so natural and we always get compliments but I am contemplating letting it grow out. Pretty sure it will be white and perhaps a bit dingy in the back.

Shall I get brave? Worried that I will look very pale but getting lazy and would love not having to keep coloring it. My hair is just below chin length right now, so going a bit shorter would be okay with me. Tea party coloring date is next week with my sister.

Please help me make a decision! Hello ladies, what inspiring comments! I started having gray in my 20s. I have lots of gray ЧI should say, lots of white. But unlike Eva, my hair is on the thin side, so although I am so tired of dying my hair and I have been doing it myself because I cannot afford the salon thing , and have gone through phases of semi-bravery and let my roots grow to almost 3 inches, I eventually chicken out and cover them.

I have long hair, by the way. Sorry for this long post and comment. I am 69 and soon to be 70 in May. I have been bleaching and dying my hair for at least 45 years.

In Octobet I decided that I was going to embrace my true hair color no matter what it was! I decided that I was tired of damaging my hair and spending the money every month to touch up my roots. In October my hair was long with dark brown dye over bleach.

Since my hair had been falling out so bad, i made the decision to get a short pixie hair cut. Each week more and more of the dark brown dye is lifting and my gray roots are really growing now. Since my hair is so thick, yoi cannot see the gray unless you move my hair.

Today I noticed that the gray is starting to show on the sides and some on the top. I do not seem to have much gray in the nack of my head.

My plan to tk have a shoulder length gray bob within 24 months. I have been reading posts like yours to encourage me on my journey. I have found your post to be inspirational and enlightening, Thank you for sharing! So nice to hear! By the time I stopped dyeing my hair, my dyed hair felt like straw.

I love it and I bet you will, too! I just came across this article Katie. Oh, decisions, decisions. Any advice? Hi, I have been dying my hair for as long as I can remember and am now going to embrace the natural gray, my question is top half is grey and bottom dark brown, what type of hair shampoo and conditioner should I be using to try and keep my hair healthy thank you. Hi, Theresa Ч you can use your regular shampoos and conditioner unless you start seeing a problem like yellowing in your gray hair.

Check out my product list for more info on products that target specific issues in the meantime. Good luck! I have had past my waist long dark brown hair for most of my life. I continually dyed my roots dark brown for many years. When i decided to transition to grey, I first began dying my roots a lighter shade of brown. After about a year I let my roots grow out but I hid the color difference by using vegetable henna coloring for almost a year now.

For the last three months I stopped the henna and I love my new natural colors grey, sliver and pewter. This worked out great for me. It was inexpensive and I never felt like my hair looked like a tacky grow out.

The best way i have found to apply henna to growing out roots was to wear gloves and use a wooden chopstick and clean cloth that you do not mind staining up. Dip the chopstick into the henna bottle and poke it around through your hair and by the scalp. Right away use the cloth to rub the color through your hair and onto your scalp. Repeat until you are satisfied with hairs appearance. Works best with damp hair. This method is fast and cheap because you do not use much henna with the chop stick method.

One bottle would last almost two months.