how to hire a painting contractor

Guide to Hiring a Painting Contractor

A painting contractor can work as a sub, or sub-contractor, under a general contractor, or can hire itself out directly to the homeowner. Usually, the painting contractor is a relatively small operation, ranging from the one-man sole proprietor up to 20 or 30 painters working for a small company. Make sure the contractor puts the scope of the project, materials they will use and amount of prep work in a written contract, not on the back of business card or a haphazardly drawn-up dollar figure on a piece of paper. A professional painting contractor provides their clients with written contracts and specifications.

My name is Tom Evans how ya doin? Painting is one of the best and least expensive home improvements. Many people do not like to paint; if you are one of how to start up a magazine company people this information is for you. Get at least three 3 estimates.

Always use the product the painting contractor recommends. People think money can be saved by supplying the paint. This also gives the contractor something to blame if a problem occurs. Another smart thing to do is to call the store where the contractor buys paint; tell them he is bidding a job for you and any information would be appreciated. You will normally hear nice things because the contractor uses this particular product, but if the contractor is a skunk you will start to smell something bad about now.

Make sure you are comparing apples to apples. If you need a kitchen painted and the contractor has given you a reference for an exterior paint job; that is of no help to you. Exterior painting and interior painting are different skill sets, so make sure you are comparing something very similar to the work you want done. This will separate established business from start-ups.

The BBB will tell you how many complaints a business has received by them over a period of time, and if the issues have been resolved. These tips take very little time and are critical in keeping skunks off your property. Toggle navigation. This entry was posted in Painting Contractor. Bookmark the permalink. Follow any comments here with the RSS feed for this post. Both comments and trackbacks are currently closed.


4 TIPS TO FINDING A PAINTING CONTRACTOR. 1. Do Your Homework. A simple online search including your ZIP code will yield painting contractors’ ratings, customer testimonials and websites. If 2. Plan a Painting Project Consult, and Ask for Options. Whether meeting a professional painting. Apr 09,  · Having a painting contractor that organizes a free color consultation with you, may make all the difference to your business. Colors are known to affect how people feel and how they make a room look. For instance, darker colors are known to make rooms appear smaller, whereas lighter colors tend to make people feel calmer and relaxed. May 09,  · Look into the contractor’s experience, check if they are licensed, bonded, and insured, and if they have any affiliations with local commerce groups or professional organizations. Obtain estimates from your shortlist and be clear of your needs. Never hire solely on .

Painting is a skill and a profession built on experience. Use this guide to ensure your next interior or exterior painting project delivers the high quality outcome you desire.

Do Your Homework — Check out social media handles, seek out trusted referrals, and ask friends and family. Plan a Painting Project Consult — Assess personality, professionalism, and get painting product options. Get Three Quotes — Estimates are usually free. Get a Written Contract — Manage expectations especially your own and avoid surprises. Local community Facebook pages and parenting blogs are also great resources. In addition to searching online, reach out to colleagues, friends and family.

If you know someone—anyone—who has had painting work done, be sure to ask them for referrals. Call or visit your local Benjamin Moore retailer for recommendations. These independently owned businesses are integral parts of their communities and often well acquainted with many home improvement professionals working in your neighborhood. Plan a Painting Project Consult, and Ask for Options Whether meeting a professional painting contractor online or in-person, look for a professional and polite demeanor.

This person will likely be spending time around your home, so make sure you have a good rapport. When describing your project during the consult, ask to receive more than one option tied to different products primer, paint, and stain, for example. Not surprisingly, pricing varies depending on whether the job includes one room, an entire floor, the full exterior of your home or deck.

Plan three consults, and get quotes for all three. Painting estimates are typically free. Be sure to specify all the details of your painting project up front. If conducting the consult virtually, be prepared to provide photos and measurements. Painting contractors are professionals, and they are prepared to explain the pricing in detail with you. Of course, investing in premium Benjamin Moore interior paint , exterior paint , or deck stain means your finished project will last longer, extending the time before having to repaint.

Get a Written Contract After a side-by-side comparison of the estimates, and choosing the best one for you, request a written contract. A lack of documentation may cause problems later. Why Repair and Paint Your Walls? If your walls are in poor condition, a high-quality paint job will be more expensive. Paying a professional to upgrade the surface of your walls or other substrates is worth it. Old or damaged walls will show imperfections, no matter what paint you use.

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