how to install crown molding lighting

DIY Crown Molding Lighting

Install the Crown. Measure and cut the crown molding using the surface of the 1x2 as the reference point. Cut it upside down and install it so the thick edge is against the 1x2. If possible use a pneumatic nail gun with 2 or 2 ?in. nails to attach the crown to the board. May 31, †Ј Mark Placement. Cut a inch length of the nailing strip and crown molding, then tack-nail them together to make a mock-up of the light trough. Hold the end of a length of rope light in the assembly, and position it against the wall at varying heights until you're pleased with the lighting Time: 24 hrs.

It takes careful planning, the right arrangement and perfect lighting. Cove lighting is the upward lighting of a ceiling from below. The contrasts with soffit lightingwhich is the downward lighting of a wall or vertical surface from the ceiling. Design trends are leaning toward more sustainable, practical and cost-effective lighting, and LEDs are the perfect solution. Because LEDs are easy to work with and are completely customizable, design firms and do-it-yourself types are snapping them up for residential projects.

This uplighting effect, usually accomplished by placing linear LED lights in crown molding or another horizontal plane below the ceiling, is called cove lighting. LED bulbs are available as stand-alone lights, in bars of various lengths and in flexible rope configurations.

Flexible rope LEDs are ideal for brightening room borders, how to treat blight on potatoes behind curved surfaces such as wall cutouts and coves. Dimmable LEDs give homeowners an even wider range of options. When it comes to color, LEDs can provide warm, soft or bright light; light temperature is measured in kelvins, and lower numbers mean warmer light.

LED Lights in Coves, Media Rooms and Libraries Art collectors have long known the benefits of installing LED lighting in coves and above beautiful pieces, and now decorators are using them to transform ordinary places into extraordinary retreats. When you want to avoid obtrusive light fixtures without sacrificing light quality, tucking LEDs into crown molding is the way to go.

Linear LED rope lights and light bars, because of their low profile when installed properly, are exactly what you need for the ideal crown molding light fixture. Article continues below Related Items. Continued from above What you really need to consider is: How bright you want it to be. Linear LED light fixtures such as rope lights, light bars, and tape lights have their brightness measured in lumens per foot. This provides and apples-to-apples comparison of how bright different types of LED linear lighting options will be.

The total length of the run multiplied by the lumens per foot will tell how many pounds on a ton how much overall light output will be added to the room by the cove lighting. To understand lumens to the traditional watts: a 1,lumen LED light bulb is about as bright as a watt incandescent, a 1,lumen LED is roughly equal to a watt bulb and an lumen light provides the same illumination as a watt bulb.

So if you install a linear LED product such as tape light, hybrid light, rope light, or light bars that emits 80 lumens per foot, and the overall linear run length of the what to engrave in a wedding band molding around your room is 50 feet, that means the cove lighting will be giving off 4, lumens in total.

This is about as much as five watt incandescent light bulbs. LED lights are available in a wide range of temperatures, from warm yellow tones to bright whites. The shape, direction and spacing you need. Some linear LED ropes comprise single-direction cones, which means that the light they produce only projects one way; others are omnidirectional, emitting light in all directions, which can be a better choice for crown molding. Illustrations Below are some example illustrations of different crown molding and cove lighting scenarios using various light sources: Rope lights are an excellent choice for crown molding lighting in rooms where you desire a soft, gentle glow of accent lighting such as home theaters and media rooms.

With the crown molding close to the ceiling, the light from the rope light bounces off the wall and spreads onto the ceiling a short ways. Brighter light sources such as low voltage tape light or line voltage hybrid lights provide a much more powerful lighting experience. They will provide a bright visual "pop" of light when the crown molding is near the ceiling.

This is great for rooms such as living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens where there will be other ambient light sources such as downlights or lamps on at the same time, yet you still want to be able to see your cove lighting. Due to the distance the light must travel before it reflects off the ceiling, it will not provide the same bright visual "pop" as in the previous low-ceiling application, but it can provide a desirable soft accent glow similar to a rope light in a low-ceiling application.

Commercial-grade strip lights are high output fixtures that are commonly used in commercial projects where you have large, deep coves and high ceilings. The high lumen output of these fixtures makes for very bright accent cove lighting, even when all the other interior lighting in a space is fully illuminated. In addition, with a white or similarly reflective colored ceiling, a series of bright strip lights can even provide enough light output to act as the primary source of general lighting in some spaces.

Before you start, cut enough triangular 2-inch wood wedges to space at 2-foot intervals along your ceiling. A drill, finishing nails and a hammer will get the job done, and you can use wood filler to cover unsightly nail holes. Painting is the final step. A straight line is the crucial difference between projects that look professionally done and those that how to make your computer mouse look cool sloppy and haphazard.

Nail the 2-inch wedges every 2 feet throughout the room; the bottom of the wedge needs to be flush with your chalk line. Nail it in place and move on to the next until each piece is attached. Then fill, sand, and paint. Customer Support Customer Support.

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Crown molding was glued with construction adhesive and nailed with a finish nailer at the top and bottom portion of the mounting blocks. Extreme care is taken to avoid putting a nail into the pre-drilled rope light holes. The rope lighting was installed last. Feb 25, †Ј Drive 2-in. screws through the base into each stud. Sink the screws flush and place them high enough to be covered by the crown molding. Secure the base to the wall with 2-in. screws into every stud (Photo 2). Self-tapping trim-head screws work great. Nail the 2-inch wedges every 2 feet throughout the room; the bottom of the wedge needs to be flush with your chalk line. Place your crown molding against the wedges and make sure itТs level. Nail it in place and move on to the next until each piece is attached. Once thatТs done, mount your lights along the top of your crown molding.

By Robert Robillard on Uncategorized. Installing crown molding lighting in any room greatly enhances a homes decor. Using rope lighting in combination with crown moldings is a great way to provide accent lighting and aesthetic beauty. Photos: by ConcordCarpenter. A hole was drilled through the blocks to feed the rope lighting through.

A laser level determined a level line to follow. The angled mounting blocks were secured to the wall to provide support to the crown molding but not be visible from below. Crown molding was glued with construction adhesive and nailed with a finish nailer at the top and bottom portion of the mounting blocks. Extreme care is taken to avoid putting a nail into the pre -drilled rope light holes. The rope lighting was installed last. Because the crown molding lighting does not run the perimeter of the arched room [not connected] Ч two sets of rope lighting, and two outlets had to be installed and wired to one switch.

Inside an adjacent utility closet is a switch to control the rope lighting. Rope lighting effect in daylight. Rope lighting similar to this can be purchased at any hardware or electrical supply store. Kits are available to create your own custom lengths.

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