how to make a bullet keychain

7 DIY Bullet Casing Craft Ideas

How to Make a Bullet Key Chain Step 1. Place an inert cartridge casing into a vice and tighten it. If your casing comes from a round that has already Step 2. Find a screw with an eye -- called a screw eye -- whose point will fit into the cap hole, but whose thread is Step 3. Turn the screw. Feb 23,  · My process behind my bullet keychainsTo purchase one of my keychains follow the link to my etsy store

Eric Kenney of Shell Gunning posted these step-by-step instructions for how to make a nifty shotgun shell keychain. The first step is also the only what is a joinder motion step. Use metal polish to give the brass a quick rundown. Stuff the shotgun shell with a filler to prevent it from getting squished in your pocket. Kenney used a paper towel, but you could also use cotton swabs or anything else you like.

When we made ours, we used about a dozen pieces of paper with the Second Amendment written on them. Tie a square not with the cord, attach it to a keychain ring, and burn the ends of the cord to prevent fraying.

Stick the knot into the shell and recrimp the edges of the shell. Kenney recommends blow drying the shell to make it softer if the plastic is too stiff. Super glue the crimp, let it dry, and voila! Introduced earlier this year after extensive trials and development, the new optics-ready FN Edge LS is feature-heavy and walks the line between practical and competition. Ruger's AR in. But can it stand up to an actual hunting trial.

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Jul 16,  · Tie a square not with the cord, attach it to a keychain ring, and burn the ends of the cord to prevent fraying. Stick the knot into the shell and recrimp the edges of the shell. Kenney. Bullet Keychain You Choose Recycled bullet keychains, once fired, no powder, spent primer, tumbled and hand polished, hand pressed. Each are drilled through on the sides and secured with a key ring. This makes a great jacket zipper pull, on a range bag, concealed carry purses, etc. Your choice of calibers. Handmade by me. Made in USA. Made in Michigan. Apr 16,  · How to make a SCRUNCHIE key fob, DIY SCRUNCHIE KEY CHAIN, SCRUNCHIE KEY FOB TUTORIAL You can purchase hardware from Amazon Key Fob Hardware Key clasp making.

Here is 7 simple DIY protects with bullet shells. We made it as simple as possible, so everybody can try them at home. All you need is just a few simple tools. Use glue to fix the dowel pice inside the shell. Super glue, weldbond, hot glue or epoxy will work. This can work with different caliber hand gun shells. All you need is to find a proper size magnet to fit inside the shell. Cut a piece of dowel for the magnet to sit on top of it and be flush with the end of the bullet shell.

Love all these ideas. I collect lots of different shells from the shooting range and I will definitely be making the magnets.

Question 3 years ago on Step 3. The punches have some feature for that. Was looking for something like this! But yea, not much to do with that casings, I'll make magnets out of them. By inspiretomake Inspire To Make Follow. More by the author:. About: Hi there! I started this profile to share my DIY creations and to inspire you to make cool stuff. Here I will publish my DIY creations, videos, tips and tricks, secrets of fixing stuff. Cut the plastic part off.

Cut the wooden dowel to fit inside the shell, so it sits flush. Drill a hole in the dowel pice to fit your magnet in there. Glue the magnet in place. For this build you gonna need a rifle bullet casing and a keychain ring. Drill a through hole in the bullet shell. Clean up the shell using a drill and a sandpaper. This is the easiest DIY project ever known to humanity! Clean up the 40cal bullet shell using a drill, a dowel and sandpaper.

Glue the plastic valve cap inside the shell 3. Repeat 3 more times. Drill a through hole in the bullet shell 2. Use rotary tool to cut a slot in the shell 3. Clean up rough edges with sand paper. Polish the shell in a drill chuck. Make a loop out of a paracord rope. Tie a knot. Cut off the excess ends. Fill up the bullet shell with hot glue 5. Press the knot inside the shell. Fill up the 40Cal shell with glue you can use hot glue of weldbond 2.

Place regular push pins inside the shells. Wait for the glue to dry. Find a wooden dowel that fits inside the shell. Glue the dowel and the magnet inside the bullet shell.

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