how to make a princess castle cake with fondant

Princess Castle Cake

Jan 23, Learn how to make and decorate an easy Castle Cake with this step by step tutorial.#princess #castle #cake_____Subscribe to my chan. Jan 24, I picked up some small princess figurines from WalMart and glued them with little green icing hills covered with flowers that I stuck some candles into as well. I finished it off by writing the birthday girls names on the front of the cake circle, and voila a Princess Castle Cake fit, a princess!! Finished Product!

Our popular castle maek tutorial, for cake decorators at an intermediate skill level. This tutorial works best for those familiar with cake, buttercream, royal icing, and basic stacking techniques. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category how to open control panel with cmd includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. These cookies do not store any personal information.

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How to Make a Princess Castle Cake. DIY instructions for the cake of her dreams. Equipment 12 cake ice cream cones. Ready to make this awesome castle cake? Let's go! Preparing the turrets. This cake will have 12 turrets. I use empty paper towel rolls for my cardboard tubes. The more towers, the more difficult the cake will be.

If this is your first castle cake, I recommend starting with a 7 or even 5 tower cake just to get the hang of it! A photo of a 7 tower cake wiyh be found at the end of this tutorial for a 5 tower cake, simply use only 1 tower on your top tier instead of 3. The towers can be prepared several weeks in advance. Be sure to keep them out of the sun, as the light will fade the colors.

Take a cake cone and dab royal icing around the top of the base. Insert gently into the top of the cardboard tube, making sure that the royal icing makes contact with the cardboard. Wipe away excess icing with your finger. Repeat for all 13 tubes.

Hint: Put the cone in the cut side of the tube as it is more likely to be unlevel. Having the level end as the bottom helps your turrets stay upright.

Wrapping the turrets in fondant. To help measure, lay the turret on the sheet of fondant, and foncant a pizza roller to cut the appropriate height. Lay the turret back down on the fondant and wrap the fondant carefully around the turret, stretching and adjusting as how to connect usb to playstation 2 to compensate for the difference in the width of the cone and the tube.

Use a pizza roller to cut fondwnt fondant. You male want to curve kake cut slightly to adjust for the size of the cone on top. Using a very light touch with your hands, press the seam together. Try not to handle excessively to avoid making finger impressions, but if you do, don't worry, the impression mat will take care of most of those.

Giving a brick w stone impression to the turrets. Lay your impression mat close to the edge of a table or counter. Lay your turret down on it with the cone side hanging off the edge and the seam side facing down. With your fingers inside the tube on one side and the cone on the other, pressing down on the impression mat, carefully roll the turret over the mat.

Don't worry if the impression is not cwke consistent depth across the whole turret. Lay your waffle cone down on the fondant and carefully roll the cone one full rotation across the fondant, pressing down slightly.

This will leave an indentation in the fondant you can use as a cutting guide. Remove the cone and using the indentations as a guide, cut the fondant wth a pizza roller or fondant cutter. Gently drape the cut fondant around the cone. Trim any excess fondant from the bottom and seam side with a pizza roller.

Gently press the fondant to the cone and close the seam. Try not to handle too much and leave finger indentations although if you do, don't worry! Repeat for all remaining spires. Attaching the turrets and spires.

With a piping bag filled with royal icing, pipe a line of icing around the inside of the cake cone. Pipe a line of icing around the bottom of the waffle cone. Lining up hod seam sides on the spire and the turret, insert the waffle cone into the cake cone and press down firmly to make sure there is contact with the royal icing. Depending on the size of your ice cream cones, the waffle cone may rest just inside the cake cone, or it may sit on the edge.

It doesn't matter as long as you have a hoq bond of royal icing. You can embellish the towers many different ways. I've chosen to fondanr all these princes tip 4 bead border around the base castlee the waffle cone. Black fondant squares around the side look like windows, and 2 of my towers will have a pink tip ruffle garland with royal icing.

All are topped with a gold dragee attached with royal icing. I do NOT recommend using buttercream for tower decorations, because you will be handling them orincess it is very easy to smear. Don't ask me how I know. The larger cake ccake placed on the board it will be presented on. The smaller cake is on a cake board do not cut the board! Square cake with notches. Impression mat. Crumb-coat wihh cakes, then ice with buttercream.

I prefer buttercream to fondant because it gives you sharper flndant and takes the impression mat better. When the icing has crusted, use your impression mat around the sides by pressing firmly but gently.

If the impression castlee is pulling the icing off the cake, the icing is not crusted yet! Take the 4. This will leave you an impression of where your cake will sit I have highlighted it in green in the picture. Dowel once in the center, and in fondnat corner, about half an inch in from the how to build deck flower boxes. Before you place the smaller cake on top of the larger, I highly recommend punching a hole in the board in each notched out corner, close to the cake I how to make a princess castle cake with fondant a phillips screwdriver.

This is where you are going to put dowels that will support your towers, but you CANNOT hammer the dowels through after you stack the cakes or you will destroy the cakes. Place the smaller cake on top of the larger one. Note the tondant in the corners of the cake board. Adding the towers.

Using sharpened dowels, gently push and twist the dowel through the pre-made hole in the board. Once you have pushed the dowel to the bottom cake board, slide the tower over it. Repeat for all 4 turrets. The other one will go on top later. I turn mine to the back and slightly inside. Pipe a bead of royal icing around the bottom of the tower. With the seam facing the back, press the tower into a notch, pressing firmly against the cake and against the bottom board.

Repeat for all six hexagon towers. If you have messed up spots, and gaps in between the cake and towers what does cenozoic era mean I doit is no big deal. Go in and clean those up by piping buttercream icing in the gaps.

I like wih tip 7 or 8 for the job. Top tower. For your top tower take your remaining tower and press gently into the icing on the top tier, then remove. Take two dowels placed near the outer edge of the circle indentation and hammer them through to the how to prune a burning bush tree board.

You've probably noticed by now that these suckers hw heavy, and if the dowels don't support its weight, it will sink right down into the cake. I am placing my last the shortest tower on top of the hexagon cake on the left side. Fondabt will repeat the steps above for the top tower.

Final Castle. That's it! The hard part is done! I have placed sugar cubes along the edges of both tiers.

How to make a princess cake Step 2:

Cut one cake into fourths and stack them one by one on top of a stack of the other four cakes, secured by white icing. Poke a hole in the tops of each of the cones, then sprinkle each one with edible glitter and set them on the corners of the stack of big cakes. With the pastry bag and pink icing line the corners of the cake and make the door. May 22, - How to make a castle cake for your princess! Our popular castle cake tutorial, for cake decorators at an intermediate skill level. This tutorial works best for those familiar with cake, buttercream, royal icing, and basic stacking techniques. Our website visitors have made some amazing cakes using this tutorial! Check it out!

You will need: A round and a bowl shaped cake see recipe at end of post 1 quantity of buttercream see buttercream recipes here Doll to go inside you cake or you can make your own out of fondant. The video below shows you how to make a fondant face.

Lots of people seemed to be having trouble finding the reusable food grade molding gel, you can get it here: Food grade reusable mold making material. Vanilla Cake Recipe you need to double this recipe to make the princess cake. If making cupcakes this recipe makes twenty. For best results put the butter, oil and sugar in the bowl of an electric mixer and beat for 3 minutes on high speed until pale and fluffy. Add all of the remaining ingredients at once and beat on low speed for 1 minute only so it is just combined.

Just over half fill a 20cm 7. Pour remaining mixture into an 2L 0. Bake in moderate oven until a skewer inserted in the centre comes out clean. Tip: For the mixing bowl cake: once it looks done but when you insert the skewer it is still gooey move it to the bottom shelf and place an empty baking tray on the top shelf to allow it to keep cooking without the top burning.

Turn your cakes out of their baking dishes and allow to cool completely warm cakes will melt the buttercream. Buttercream recipes for various flavors of buttercream area available on the buttercream post. Simple syrup recipe g 3. Remove from heat, allow to cool completely and put into squeezy bottle. Assembling the Princess Cake To shape the bowl cake place it flat side down and then slice off the bulging round bits at the top edge so that it looks more like flowing hooped skirt and not a bowl.

Hooped skirts are tailored in towards the waistline. Cut this cake into 3 layers that is make two cuts through the cake.

Split the bottom layer round cake into two layers. Then take a round cookie cutter and cut a circle out of the centre of all of these cake layers.

To construct the cake, first brush each layer with syrup using a pastry brush, then place buttercream between the layers and stack. Then apply a slightly thicker layer of buttercream and use a strip of baking paper to smooth stretch it out firmly and drag it up the cake. Place in the fridge to firm. Roll out a strip of white fondant and wrap around the base of the cake creating creases and ruffles as you do.

Roll out the pink fondant into a rectangle and wrap around the cake. Making a rectangle helps you to get the fabric gathered look at the waist of the cake. If you roll your fondant into a circle and place it over the cake it results in a skirt that is smooth at the top and ruffled only at the bottom which is not how fabric on these skirts fall. Around the base of the cake at even intervals push up the pink fondant to create a swagged look.

Take your doll and make the hair how you want it to be. If you are having the hair down then you may like to loosely put it up while you are icing. Surround the legs of the doll in plastic wrap. Cover the body of the doll in pink fondant and then using a knife shape the top of the bodice. Place the doll into the cake bending the legs slightly if it needs to sit lower in the cake.

Roll out some white fondant and cut it into a circle. Using the base of an icing tip or small round cutter cut a scalloped pattern around the edge of the circle. Cut a small circle out of the centre of this and then split one side and place around the waist of the doll, cutting off any excess.

Using either a flower cutter or the technique shown in the video make fondant flowers, place a silver cachous in the centre. You will need one for the waist and one for each swag on the skirt, make a couple of extra just in case you break one.

Place your royal icing in a ziplock bag royal icing recipe here , cut off a tiny corner and pipe details onto the cake. If you want to do rows of dots like shown pipe three dots down then two dots next to it in line with the spaces, then another three when you reach a swag pipe a few more dots going up the dress.

Attach the flowers using the royal icing. Buttercream recipes for various flavours of buttercream are available on the buttercream post. I have been busy over the last year planning, writing and overseeing the photography and layout for my first ever cookbook! There are heaps of my favourite dessert recipes in there with a chapter on pastries, ice-cream, yummy cakes, artistic desserts and of course chocolate desserts. Each chapter has its own intro explaining the food science that you'll need to know for success every time.

My husband always sends people a Godzilla image on Facebook for their birthday. Is there any way to do this? Maybe a slot in the back that you refill? How can I put a one foot Godzilla doll in a pretty princess dress?

Hi, I finished this cake for my grand daughter Angela just before Christmas, I have never done piping before so I did a little less than in your cake. I have only one problem with these cakes. Hi Ann, Just to let you know that I browse your older videos if I am searching for something. And the old ones are great, too! HI Ann ,I made the cake today, but the doll was to tall, I followed your instructions to the tee.

But the cake was not high enough for the barbie doll, i had to take her legs off because I had already put the pink on I had to improvise. It looks ok a bit short, what have I done wrong? I live in England what size doll do you use. I have put in in the fridge overnight and will try and decorate it tomorrow, you made it look so easy! Hi Liz, Try a sugar syrup brushed over the cake to keep the edges moist and to prevent crumbling.

Also how much fondant will I need? Many thanks will take a pix once made. Hi Marilyn, I would make a double quantity of buttercream, but how much of it you use will depend on how many layers you have in your cake and how much frosting you use between. With fondnat you want to have more than you need so you can roll and shape it with ease.

I would estimate you would need around 1kg but you could get 2kg or an extra g so you have so you have plenty to work with. Any left over can be stored in an airtight container for another project. Hi Joyce, Ann just used pink frosting and then placed the white fondant frill at the base and covered the cake with pink fondant. Hi Marilyn, This recipe makes about 20 serves or 20 cupcakes.

I would double it for a party but perhaps make the cake as is and some extra princess cupcakes to match. It really depends on big you want your serves to be. I would like to know how much ingredients I will be needing to serve a 20 people. Hi Diamond, It will depend on how big you want your serves to be. This cake serves good serves or up to 15 if you make the serves a little smaller. I get a runny batter every time, even when I beat the fats and sugar first. Please help where am I going wrong?

Thanks for all the brilliant tutorials and videos so much better than watching TV! Check you are doubling all the dry ingredients, then next time hold a cup of the milk in reserve and add it slowly till you feel the consistency is right. In the mean time, I will check the quantities and update the recipe if anything is out. Hi Ann, thank you so much. Everyone appreciated that taste of the cake. It was perfect. I am just a beginner and this is my fourth cake so it was difficult to handle fondant and shaping the flowers.

Thanks a lot Ann for your great help. Hi Sreepallavi, handling fondant well takes lots or practice and finding a brand that you are happy with. A brilliant first go if you ask me! Rate Recipe:. Become a Patron! Ann Reardon. How to Make a Princess Cake Using Fondant How to make a princess cake Step 1 Make your cakes and gather what you need You will need: A round and a bowl shaped cake see recipe at end of post 1 quantity of buttercream see buttercream recipes here Doll to go inside you cake or you can make your own out of fondant.

Lots of people seemed to be having trouble finding the reusable food grade molding gel, you can get it here: Food grade reusable mold making material Cake board or cake stand to put the cake on Large serrated knife to cut the layers Simple syrup see recipe at end of post Fondant and red gel colour FONDANT RECIPE CAN BE FOUND HERE or you can purchase it ready made Royal Icing see royal icing recipe here silver cachous edible little silver balls flower cutter or small round lid or icing tip that you can use for cutting a circle fine paint brush baking paper rolling pin plastic wrap small circle cookie cutter you can use a knife to cut a circle if you do not have one How to make a princess cake Step 2: Vanilla Cake Recipe you need to double this recipe to make the princess cake.

If making cupcakes this recipe makes twenty 20mL 0. Rating: 5. Heather Adamson April 29, , pm Reply. Hi Can I use self raising flour? Bob December 27, , pm Reply. Corinna October 20, , pm Reply. Ann November 6, , am Reply. Joyce December 1, , pm Reply. Diamond August 6, , am Reply. Diamond August 11, , pm Reply.