how to paint plastic ornaments

How to Paint Clear Christmas Ornaments

clear plastic ornament; fine sandpaper( grit) acrylic paint; a rag or two; good quality synthetic brush; Clear plastic ornaments are fairly easy to prepare, all you need to do is scuff up the. Sep 01, Instructions Remove the ornament top. Squirt some paint into the ornament. Cover top with your thumb and shake ornament. Continue shaking until full coverage is achieved. Set in a muffin tin or egg carton to dry completely. Once dry, put the hanger back into the top of the ornament. Hang ornaments.

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If you purchase something through the link, I may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. Want to paint the inside of an ornament? Here are the basic steps and tips and tricks to help ease your frustration and mess! Perfect for custom Christmas ornaments for sale or gifts.

I love making DIY Christmas ornaments with vinyl cut on my Cricutbut often the colors I find on pre-colored ornaments are just not my colorful jam. Which means I need to color my own ornaments. Both plastic and glass sphere ornaments work for this craft.

I prefer acrylic craft paint for the inside of an ornament. You can also glitter your ornaments, using my Glitter Ornament tutorial. While using a lot of paint will help you coat the inside of the ornament more quickly, I have found that using a smaller amountabout a tablespoonallows you to get full coverage while wasting paint and increasing drying time. I usually wait 24 to 48 hours before re-inserting the ornament cap into my ornament. The paint has had time to fully cure, minimizing the risk of scratching the paint when you insert the cap.

So I did a little research, and here are two suggestions. First, you can drop some rubbing alcohol into the ornament before you paint. Swish it around and let it dry. This should prep the surface and help the paint stick. Second, I think using new paint that you shake before using is key. To prevent your paint from cracking, swish around some rubbing alcohol in the ornament, dump out, and allow to fully dry. Once dry, squeeze about half a tablespoon-ish of craft paint inside the ornament, and another half tablespoon what is pennyroyal tea about the opposite interior side.

This helps get better coverage than just putting it all on one half. Be patient, what time is the nfl draft in 2012 moves slowly. I find a combination of shaking, waiting, and mumbling curse words under my breath works the best.

Then set the ornament upside down to drain out the extra paint. After 24 to 48 hours, replace the lid and your painted ornament is done! This is a quick and easy way to perfectly match your ornaments to your decor, or to custom-make ornaments for gifts or sale! Thank you! I had just been looking for this type of tutorial this week and was getting conflicting tutorials.

I did see someone comment elsewhere that the acrylic paint sometimes cracks as it dries have you had that happen at all? You can always try a higher quality paint if you are worried. Or test it on an inexpensive ornament first! I have Had the cracking and running happen. To get the best results use the rubbing alcohol first then make sure the acrylic paint says multi purpose. The folk art paints are multi purpose. Any ideas on how to remove the dried paint from inside the glass ornament so I can start over?

Thank you for this it is very helpful. When making the vinyl for the ornaments what size do you make the designs? I am using acrylic paint on the inside of a plastic ornament and all the paint is gathering at the bottom of the ornament. Hi there! I tried leaving them sit to dry for a few days. Any suggestions? Paint can actually take a few weeks to cure fully beyond just drying.

You could wait to hang them for a bit longer, or you can try the method of rinsing the ornament with alcohol before paintingI usually find that helps! Cori, thank you so much for this tutorial! I use to paint inside and out my ornaments, as well as apply rub-ons. My sister lives in California and I live in Georgia ; so I want to do an ornament and have time to get it to her before Christmas. My questionand dilemma is: My sister loves angels and she has an Angel decorated tree.

I want to paint the ornament and affix an angel rub-on to the ornament. Since her favorite color is lavender; and the angel has a lavender sash on her gown; I wanted to use lavender paint to accent it.

Would you advise me if this is the best way of doing it? I was also thinking of using snow inside the globe I guess instead of paint so it will look as if the angel was in the clouds. Or do I need to decide on one or the other. One last question, please. If I decide to paint the outside of the ornament instead of putting paint inside ; would it rub off when I affix the angel rug-on?

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This tutorial for how to paint clear Christmas ball ornaments will make everyone look like a crafting expert. These ornaments are so simple to make and they are a great project to do with kids. However, those are apparently crazy requirements, because they were not to be found.

So I decided to do what every DIY lover does, make my own. I started with clear plastic ball ornaments, like these ones from Amazon. Then you just squirt, swirl, and dry. Ornaments Paint Optional: Liquid hairspray. Optional step: Put some liquid hairspray in the ornament and swirl it around. Pour out excess and let dry before adding paint. This can give the paint a better surface to adhere to.

Next, I squirted my paint into the ornament. I used a vanilla colored acrylic paint. The specific brand was Craftsmart from Michaels. If you see any air bubbles you can hold the ornament so they bubble is at the bottom and then give it a little flick or two and the bubble should rise to the surface inside.

Once the inside is completely covered I placed my ornament upside down on the open top of another bottle of paint. This dripping method allowed a bunch of the extra paint to drip out and be used in another ornament. Without this drip method, they will paint ornaments each.

I had six paint bottles that I was using, so I was able to cycle through them all and let the ornaments drip for a while. If you are using brand new bottles I would recommend that you squirt some paint into an ornament before you set one on top.

As with any painting craft, it is a good idea to have some sort of rag nearby for little messes. I like to use baby wipes. Once I needed to replace the ornament on top of the paint bottle I took the one off the top and placed it open side up in a muffin tin. This helped to keep the ornament right side up and allow any extra paint to flow to and dry at the bottom.

When they are dry you and put the top back in, carefully to not scratch up the paint on the inside. And then you are done! Tip: If you are working with a darker color use a flashlight to help see any holes in the paint.

Mention theambersimmons and I'll share your image in my Instagram stories. Thank you! I want to make these as gifts but cannot seem to get the entire ornament to stay coated with paint. Oh man! I have heard using as little paint as possible works best. Or another trick I heard is to coat the inside with hairspray and let it dry then add paint. This should give the paint something easier to stick to. I did the same and tried putting acrylic paint in a plastic ornament and it is not adhereing onto the plastic.

At first it looks perfect but as the days pass, it seems as if the paint is falling off and not staying. Anyone else has had this experience or any suggestions? I will try the hairspray trick. Days after they were made, the paint started streaking. I let them air dry for 2 days before I closed them up. The same thing happened to me..

How do I get the paint off so I can redo? You could try that. Try some liquid hair spary next time before adding paint. I have heard people say that it helps the paint adhere better. Repeat this until ALL of your bulbs have been thoroughly cleaned, the dump the rubbing alcohol down the drain or do the spouts first your choice. The first time I tried this, the next day I did one bulb with enamel paint swirl and 1 with acrylic paint swirl.

I waited for about a week and both turned out perfect. I sure hope this helps everyone! Happy Crafting! This is the most helpful information I have found regarding the paint not sticking. Thank you so much!! I have problems with the metal hanger scratching the paint off when I put it back on the ornament. Any solutions to that?

I used these 2. I []. Plus, she has a tutorial for how to paint clear ornaments as well as some farmhouse ornaments that are to die-for []. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. I'm a mother to a busy little boy and a wife to an amazing man.

I love to create, cook, and have fun. This blog is where I share all of my creations. So stick around and have fun with me. Read More. Home New? Start here! Sharing is caring! Instructions Remove the ornament top. Squirt some paint into the ornament. Cover top with your thumb and shake ornament. Continue shaking until full coverage is achieved.

Set in a muffin tin or egg carton to dry completely. Once dry, put the hanger back into the top of the ornament. Hang ornaments on the tree and enjoy.

Notes Tip: If you are working with a darker color use a flashlight to help see any holes in the paint. Did you make this project? Trackbacks [] I decided to paint clear plastic Christmas balls to suit my purpose. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. About Me I'm a mother to a busy little boy and a wife to an amazing man. Recent Posts.