how to pass the interview for us visa

Tips to Pass the US Visa Interview

Jul 05,  · Top Tips for Passing Your US Visa Interview Show Plenty of Respect. It’s very important that you are polite and respectful to the person who is interviewing you. Make it Clear that You Are Coming Home. The way the system works is that immigration . Tips to Pass the US Tourist Visa Interview: Generally the interview lasts only for a short time. During the US tourist visa interview be sure to answer the questions sensibly and also make sure of the following: It is important that you arrive on time for the interview as well as being well prepared.

If you are planning to travel to the US to study or simply to visit as a tourist, you may be asked to attend an interview in your home country first. Here are some top tips for making sure your interview goes well and you manage to get your visa most of these include utilising your English language skills, of course. Bear in mind that your what causes a blisters in your mouth might not always be polite to you.

Try not to take it personally, and no matter how uncomfortable you feel about the situation or the questions you are asked, do not get angry, upset or defensive. You need to stay calm and respectful, no matter what happens. The way the system works is that immigration officials often presume that everyone coming to the USA wants to live there, so you may have to persuade them that you will definitely come back when your visa has expired! This means that you need to show that your reasons for staying in your home country are stronger than your reasons to stay in America.

Talk about family and work ties, or any other commitments that mean you would not want to leave permanently. If you are travelling in order to study, explain how to update bios intel motherboard the experience will improve your job prospects in your home country, not in the US.

Often, your interviewer will ask you unexpected questions designed to test whether anything would make you stay in the country. For example, they might ask you what you would do if you were pasd a high paying job in the US during your visit, or fof you fell in love with an American citizen who vissa to marry you. Whatever thw do, never say that you would accept the offer and try to stay in the country. If you do, your visa will be denied. Even if you are offered an th, giving answers in English is better, because that way you can explain exactly what you mean!

Practise talking about your reasons for visiting America, your life back home, when you are coming back and why. Calmly ask the interviewer to repeat the question. Lastly, try to stay positive and confident, giving clear, concise answers that are always relevant to the question. If for any reason your visa is rejected, ask for feedback to improve your application next time!

Planning to visit or study in the US? Take a look at our range of courses at www. July 5, Make it Clear that You Are Coming Home The way the system works is that immigration officials often presume that everyone coming to the USA wants to live there, so you may have to persuade them that you will definitely come back when your visa has expired!

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Step 11: Applicant Interview

On the scheduled date and time of your interview appointment, go to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate with your printed visa application (DS) confirmation page. A consular officer will interview you (and accompanying family member beneficiaries) and determine whether or not you are eligible to receive an immigrant visa. Tips. Wear formal clothes as if for a formal business meeting. The interviewing officer will always be an American (the interpreter, if required, may be Arrive early. You don’t want to miss your interview just because you got stuck in traffic. Do not get nervous. Be confident. You will be more.

You have a USA Visa Interview coming up and you are nervous, or you simply want to know what to expect? Being prepared for an interview is always useful and it can make you feel more relaxed and confident about your chances of getting a US Visa. Finally, we would like to let our readers in on the big secret about visa interviews: There is no secret!

Visa applicants should just be themselves, answer all questions truthfully and enjoy talking to an American. We know for a matter of fact from our customer experiences that the Americans on the other side of the interview window enjoy speaking with every applicant and relish the opportunity to learn more about India and its wonderful people. So, are you excited already—about the trip no doubt and the interview? Or still having doubts? Want to know more about the US Visa process?

How to apply? What documents are required? What are the US visa fees? Get in touch with us now an d let us help you on your journey to the United States! As well as giving you advice on attractions and nearby places to venture. How to apply for US Visa. Your email address will not be published. Email Address. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email. Your Name required. Your Email required. Your Message. The following tips might be helpful in passing your US visa interview, and getting that much-coveted visa: Dress properly In an ideal world, appearance should not matter. However, first impressions do count, especially during an interview.

What better way to make a good impression if not through your clothes? Keep these for parties! Dress well, preferably in formals, to make a good impression. Your presence should be pleasing. Prepare well for your interview Though a US B visa interview typically lasts for no more than two minutes, you must spare some time to prepare for it.

You must review all information you provided on the DS form and other supporting documents. This will enable you provide clear and confident responses to questions at the interview. You may also research on your proposed activity in the US If you wish to visit a friend or relative you may research on the proposed city or town where you will be staying including any known tourist attractions.

If you are visiting the US for a conference or business, you must be able to have sufficient information relating to the planned activity. Keep your answers short and to the point Due to the high volume of applicants being interviewed in a day, all Consular officers are under considerable time pressure to conduct a quick and efficient interview. They must make a decision, for the most part on the impressions they form during the first minute of the interview.

Consequently, what you say first and the initial impression you create are critical to your success. The Consular officers at the United States Embassy are well trained individuals who are specialized in the visa interview process. The US embassy will review your application thoroughly and any discrepancy they find will be a red flag. Be honest about everything that the consul will ask you, be it about your relatives in the States or your itinerary.

Be confident Being overly nervous can cost you an American visa. You should be confident, meet the interviewing officer straight in the eye without being snooty and smile. Avoid nervous tics such as flickering eyes, darting to the sides, biting nails or trembling fingers. Be Patient Visa officers may ask you some tricky questions to test your intentions, IQ, financial funds, etc. In such cases answer those questions honestly and be patient.

Keep all required documents at hand Keep all documentation arranged appropriately in line so that it could be easily accessible when asked for.

Sticky notes on the file could help you finding the documents in the folder. Prove the ties to your home country The most important aspect is to prove that you have a home in India to return to, as well as other proofs social or economic to ensure you will return after your specified visiting period in the US.

You must be able to convince the visa interview officer that you have reasons for returning to your home country. Never sound like a potential immigrant You must clearly indicate in your answers that you are travelling to USA for temporary purpose only — business, pleasure or medical treatment and you will return to your home country soon.

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