how to pick a winner at the horse races

6 Simple Pointers For Picking Winners

Picking winners in horse racing is known as handicapping. It is the art of selecting winners, using all the information and statistics available. It is more of an art or skill as opposed to a science. This tutorial should help you become a better handicapper or race picker. Going Especially in the winter months, the going is a huge part of picking a winner. Plenty of horses will only run the best races on certain surfaces, with much of this due to their action. Some horses can only show their best on better ground, while others love a test in the mud.

Also be sure to check out our guide on how to pick the Grand National winner! Using the Form to Assess your Racing Bets This is the way anybody serious about their racing goes about trying to find their winners and it is hodse scientific approach that tipsters, including us at RacingBettingOffers.

There is a wealth of statistical data on races, horses and trends and by analysing these, punters aim to decide which horse has the best chance of winning a given race.

Factors such as the going, the draw, the weather, the track bias, past results and the form of the horse, trainer and jockey are all considered. The biggest problem with this method is that this is exactly what the bookies do to set their prices and they have more time, more resources and, quite probably, more inside information than most punters. Ultimately, as said, winned racing fans will find a way to beat the bookies in the long term but studying the form gives you a great chance of making short term gains.

The key to studying the form is putting in lots of time and effort. The basic mechanics are quite simple, with clear stats on which horse finished where on what type of course and the going on the day whether the course was soft, good, firm or whatever.

Perhaps the best way to try and get an edge over the pivk sites that create the odds and your fellow racing fans who will try to grab the best odds before you, is to look beyond the cold, hard numbers and to read between the lines. However, serious bettors will look at how it won those races, against what standard of opposition and in what conditions. Similarly, a horse that has finished third in its last three races may not appear great value.

Key to all of this is value betting, which means to say that looking for bets where the odds are disproportionately large in comparison to the probability that the horse will win its race.

You rces think that Hurricane Fly is almost certain to win a given race but does that mean you should bet on him no matter what? Some people how to pick a winner at the horse races argue that if you think a horse will win you should back it.

If you imagine the race being run times, if Hurricane Fly wins 48 times, even money is a bad bet. If you are really serious about betting on horse racing then doing your own research is the only way to go. However, our team of experts, what you up to means more than 30 years of racing and betting experience between them, are more than happy to do the hard work for you. Moreover, our tips will also point you to the betting site with the best odds too, as well as highlighting the free bet that bookie offers to new how to keep outside cats cool in hot weather. Betting on the races should be fun and in truth, much like sticking a needle into the stocks and shares section of a zt which would often beat all the so-called expertsusing pure luck tye often lead to an overall result not too dissimilar to that gained through hours of studying the form.

So, if you like the name of a horse, get a good feeling or just like the colour of it, why not have a bet ideally a free one and see if your luck is in?! Racing Offers and Guides Check out all our free bets to boost your bankroll!

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Tips, Information and Advice on the Best Ways to Pick Winners at Horse Racing

Jul 07, To pick a winning horse we must first consult the past performances of every horse in the race. Past performances are provided by services like the Daily Racing Form or Equibase and many online racebooks will provide them to you for free. In a past performance you will be able to look at detailed information from a horses previous races. Apr 02, If the horse loses, you have not only backed a loser, but you werent going to get your desired odds to begin with. Its not necessarily a rule to picking a winner, but its the rule every punter should put above the rest. Sometimes youll have to pass on a . Jun 21, There are so much ways to approach picking a winner. Some people make their selections based on form, some based on trends, and some based on the horses name.

How to pick winners in Horse Racing, Horse Handicapping Picking winners in horse racing is known as handicapping. It is the art of selecting winners, using all the information and statistics available. It is more of an art or skill as opposed to a science.

This tutorial should help you become a better handicapper or race picker. Here we highlight some important factors to use when selecting winners and hopefully help you become more successful in picking winners!! How many starts has the horse had this year? Factor 3 Odds Factors what are the morning line odds?

Factor 8 Class Factors is the horse moving up in class after a good finish or a win? Factor 9 Form Factors did the horse run in a large field of 12 or more horses and perform well recently? Factor 10 Late factors, at the gate. These are all negative situations for your horse to be involved in. If possible, considering cancelling your bet in these situations, or at least reducing your wager. Another negative sight for me, is a horse being vetted at the gate. This means the vet is taking a look at the horse for some reason.

The vet usually quickly looks over the horse and many times it is passed fit to run. However, in my experience this is a very negative sign before a race. Of course there are other factors we have not touched on that can be used for selecting winning horses, try creating your own factors or ideas for picking winners, that is the fun of this game!! Run Horse Run! Looking for more great horse racing content like this, try our 2 Minute Tips series.

Where we focus on a short 2 minute video about handicapping.