how to restore a hp laptop to factory settings

How to factory reset an HP laptop [Step by step]

Resetting your computer to factory settings might be necessary if the operating system is damaged, the hard drive is corrupted, the computer is infected by a virus, or you are transferring ownership of the computer. HP System Recovery removes all hard drive data and reinstalls the original operating system. Jan 03,  · How do you factory reset an HP laptop with Windows 7 or 8? Many laptops with Windows 7 or 8 installed on them come with recovery discs, which allows you to access the OS through your disc drive. Starting the process is fairly simple. Just insert your recovery disk into the Daniel Horowitz.

Are you searching for how to reset HP laptoplooking for a way to breathe life into your slow, sluggish, blue screen loving laptop? It would be nice to have your HP laptop perform as if it came out of the box, right? If this sounds familiar, you found the right article as we will cover everything needed in order to reset your HP laptop back to factory settings. If you need to give your HP laptop a new start, resetting it back to factory condition is a fast and easy solution. You can spend hours tinkering with settings, cleaning up files, uninstalling programs, defragmenting your how to make face look whiter drive… the list goes on.

Sometimes it is just easier to wipe it clean and start over from scratch — hence factory reset. Restoring your HP laptop to its like-new state can be handy for a number of reasons.

Maybe you have had performance problems with your laptop, a virus, malware, or you just want to sell it and remove all your programs, files, passwords, and other sensitive information.

Newer HP laptops do not come with recovery discs. In these situations, the recovery partition installed by the manufacturer is your friend, making the process of resetting an HP laptop without recovery discs super simple. A recovery partition is a hidden section of your hard drive that securely stores a complete copy of the Windows operating system, drivers, and all required programs to make your HP laptop work. In short, HP took a recovery disc and created a digital copy of it directly on your hard drive knowing at some point you would need to refresh or recover your laptop to the exact state it was in the first day you took it out of the box.

Likewise, the Recovery Manager may have a slightly different look, feel, or order of operations as well. Some older laptops come with recovery discs.

If you have your original HP manufacturer recovery discs, resetting your HP laptop will be a cinch. Follow steps 1 — 3 above, then:. Before you get started, make sure you disconnect all devices that did not come with your computer like thumb drives, printers, external disc drives, etc. To reset your HP laptop directly in Windows 7, 8, or even Windows Well, that is the end of this tutorial. I hope this helped you reset your HP laptop back to its factory settings. Watch the video above and please remember to share this article if you found it helpful.

Method 2: Using Windows Recovery Environment to Factory Reset your HP Laptop

Aug 03,  · Method 1: Factory reset your HP laptop through Windows Settings. If you can log into your HP laptop normally, you can factory reset your laptop through Windows Settings.. Type reset this pc in the Windows search box, then select Reset this PC.. Click Get started.; Select an option, Keep my files or Remove everything. If you want to keep your personal files, apps, and customizations, click Author: Wendy Mai. Aug 08,  · If you can’t normally boot into your HP laptop, you can use Windows Recovery Environment to factory reset your device. You can do that by following the instructions below: Turn off your HP laptop. Disconnect all external devices (printers, USB drives, etc.) from your computer/5(27). Or when you want to change the ownership of your HP laptop, resetting your HP laptop to factory settings can help to erase everything quickly including your personal files on HP laptop. Following this article will show you two options to factory reset a HP laptop – for Windows 10 on HP Pavilion, Envy, EliteBook, OMEN, Spectre, Stream, ZBook.

Wendy Mai. If you have stubborn system issues with your HP laptop, factory resetting it might be a quick and good fix. If you can log into your HP laptop normally, you can factory reset your laptop through Windows Settings. Your computer will then re-install the operating system and restart.

You can then have a look at the Bonus tip we have for you. When the factory reset is completed, we have a Bonus tip for you in the last section. Follow these steps:. If you want to keep your computer in tip-top shape, you should keep all your device drivers up to date. There are two ways to update your drivers: manually and automatically. Driver Easy handles it all. As a veteran computer user and an obliging technical writer, Wendy is perfectly positioned to understand your computer problems, and more than capable of helping you solve them.

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