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Poptropica Cheats for Astro Knights Island – Full Walkthrough

Jun 11,  · Astro-Knights Island is featured in Poptropica Adventures for the Nintendo DS, along with Super Power and Mythology. Because it’s considered one of the hardest islands in Poptropica, there is a free in-game guide you can pick up from a kiosk on Main Street to help you. It was released on August 10, This Poptropica mission is a lot of fun, but very difficult. Fortunately, there are some great Poptropica cheats and secrets to help you along the way. Here is a complete walkthrough for Astro-Knights island in Poptropica. Video Walkthrough. Here is the complete video walkthrough of Astro-Knights Island .

Posted by: admin July 7, One of the questions I keep seeing in comments here on the blog and in forums everywhere is how to solve the door puzzle at the end of Astro-Knights Island. This is the door poptropicq Mordred runs into after he reveals that he is the princess in disguise and takes away all of the special weapons you have gotten. Once you solve the puzzle and go through the door, you can take on Mordred in the final battle and rescue the real princess. The original solution had it just the reverse!

The way you solved the puzzle is confusing but I fainally helped my friend rachel get past the door! I tried but it just made it worse! Someone help! That is the only Island I need to finish! If someone helps me Ill help them! Thanks to this website I have defeated the whole poptropica island!!! I am soo happy!!! Thanks so much!!! Thanks whoever posted this. Thanks to him or her I defeated the whole poptropican island!!! And I am just eleven years old!!! Thx soooooo much I could not have done it without ur help.

I was so frazzled out by the puzzle before, and it works! But is is the only way to solve the puzzle? Brandon Rozanski July 7, at pm. Don July 10, at pm. Emma July 12, at pm. Kelsey July 13, at pm. Sam July 22, at am. Bailee July 23, at am. Samantha July 29, at pm. Andrew July 30, at pm. Joshua July 31, at pm. Thank you so much!

I,ve never asgro able to solve the door before! Guinea Pig August 11, at pm. Muhammad August 22, at am. Tara Trammell September 9, at pm. Trystan October 23, popyropica pm. UR cheats are awesome!!! Misty December 11, at pm. Megan March 13, at pm. It does work. Nicole March 22, at pm. It works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Iris May 11, at am.

Anita December 31, at pm. Crazy Ghost April 16, at pm. Serious Knightx April 30, at pm. Tiny Penguin May 4, at am. Infernape May 24, at am. Tiny Penguin June 22, at am.

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Poptropica Cheats for Astro Knights Island Part 1 When you first get to the island, drop to the ground and go right until you get to the fountain. Jump to the second pool of water and you will find a Golden Coin. Now enter the building to your left. Mar 21,  · how to beat astro knights island on poptropica Solution #1: (Solution #2 below includes additional details in the same order) The Kingdom Arturus on Poptropica (boldface are collectible items) Go the village fountain, where there is a spaceship model. i accually beaten this poptropica island just one time right now without any help from walkthroughs or cheats it was not easy but i managed to do it i plan to beat all the islands with no help at all this is a hard island but i beaten it i feel in my oppion i did very good at the last boss Binary Bard i beaten him second try where it took me a lot of trys for all the other boss battles in this.

Post a Comment. Thursday, March 21, how to beat astro knights island on poptropica. Solution 1: Solution 2 below includes additional details in the same order The Kingdom Arturus on Poptropica boldface are collectible items Go the village fountain, where there is a spaceship model.

Jump up on the highest platform and crouch. You should pick up a gold coin. Then, go back to the museum next to the blimp.

Inside, USE the gold coin to look around. Click on one of the books lying round the house and the guy will give you a library card. Go to the castle and go inside. Go to the library first floor right. Collect the two books you need. A stairway will appear and you go down. Collect the cheese and pull the lever. If you don't pull the lever, you will have to go back down later to reveal the dungeon tunnel.

Once you do, the monk and guards won't let you back in. The small gate at the back should open. Exit and the monk should find you and tell you off. Leave the library and go to the king and queen and talk to them both. Accept their mission and receive the Coordinates page.

Go to the final door first floor left and talk to the girl inside. Put the cheese on the ground and collect the robot mouse. Find the secret message on the table. Leave and head far right to the windmill area.

Talk to the guy and get some manure. Enter the mill, climb into the loft and release the mill gear lock. Talk to the girl in the loft. She will give you a Cosmic Symbols password. Go to the fountain again and press the three symbols then press the center one. You cannot enter these until you have the password card. Enter, get the key and go out. Run back to the windmill climb it and push the windmill arms counter clockwise by jumping on them.

It should open the roof. Go inside and power the machine with manure. Leave and go to the hay bales. Separate them and use the key to unlock the door. Go inside and scare the owl. Follow the owl out and release the mouse. The owl will eat it and follow you.

Re-enter the hole in the ground, which is Mordred's laboratory. Run left and keep running into the wall. It will break. Run all the way to the end and enter the passage. You will find yourself in the jail cell. The alien will self-destruct. Click the owl and then click the little green fuel rod.

Exit all the way out and head right. You will see the hoverboard that you restored floating in the marsh. Hop on it and head right until you see the crashed spaceship. Take the green fuel rod and drag it to the broken pipe. First, grab the rope on the wheel mill in the swamp.

You may have already grabbed it. Next, head right until you reach the castle. Climb up until you see the crossbow. Attach the rope to an arrow and shoot roughly to the upper left. It might take several times, but eventually it will stick in the door of the princess's room.

Walk on the rope and enter the princess's room. Once in the princess's room, pick up the Princess's Note. Once you have this, exit her room and drop down to the ground, heading left. Go back to the Mordred exhibit and search under his bed.

You will find the Missing Page from Mordred's Journal. At the very bottom of this page are the coordinates 56, Talk to the guy to the left. Then, leave and head to the left. Talk to the guy about the Binary Bard. Make a spaceship and leave, staying in orbit long enough to fully charge your shields. Space, above Pewter Moon You have some choices now. You can go to the jungle planet at 15,15, the fire planet at 83,20, or the ice planet at 83, This walkthrough will go in order from personal belief of easiest to hardest.

Head up and to the left until the tracker at the bottom says 15, Enter the planet. Jungle Planet Start by dropping down to the floor. Head to the right and pick up the Laser Lance. Using the flowers to your left, bounce back up to the platform where your spaceship is. Wait until you see the swing to the right.

Jump on it. Jump on the swing next to that, and the swing next to that. If you fall, use the flowers to get back up. When you are on the third and final swing, jump on the platform to the right and continue right. Talk to the knight and jump up to the cage he was talking about. Let the unicorn out. Defeat the Phoenix by avoiding the bird missiles and shooting at the bees when they come into range.

When the Phoenix gets near you, click and hold to build up energy in the Laser Lance. Shoot at the Phoenix in this manner until you defeat it. You will appear in the spaceship.

Click launch. Space Head down and to the right until you see a message that says "Space Sharks Ahead" Shoot a space shark and it will chase you. Shoot another one, and then the third, until all three are following you. Let them stay close and head directly up until you see a message that says "Approaching Black Hole". The black hole is at X Y Once you see the black hole, veer and go around it.

The space sharks will be sucked in. If you take only one or two, deal with the other sharks in this same manner. Land on the ice planet. Ice Planet Jump on the ice and jump to the right, being careful not to land in the water or get hit by fish. Continue right. There are seven icebergs that you have to jump on. Talk to the knight and get the Force Shield from him. This is by far the easiest boss to defeat- just bounce his own projectiles back at the yellow lights on his body.

Only the snowballs will work Once you defeat it, you will appear back in the spaceship.