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How to Make the Runner Run in "QWOP"

Jan 15,  · Although it took me three weeks solid to figure out (I've got to get out more), the trick to beating QWOP is actually quite simple. Keys "W" and "O" . Dec 07,  · More like how to inch but at least you can finish it.

To create this article, 22 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewedtimes. Learn more QWOP is an extremely difficult online game.

Your goal is to run meters with a professional athlete. The catch? You can only control your leg muscles individually. There are two approaches to success in QWOP. The "knee hopping" method is much easier. If you want bragging rights, learn how to run and beat the game as the creator intended. To learn how to break through the hurdle without falling over, keep reading! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers.

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Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article methods. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Author Info Last Updated: April 5, Method 1 of Hold W to do the splits. At the start of the race, press and hold W to clench your left thigh. One leg will shoot straight forward while the other stays behind.

Just let the runner fall until he's balanced on his foot in front, and his knee in back. If you landed past 1. Tap W to scoot forward. If your front leg isn't fully extended, tap W to scoot forward another couple tenths of a meter. Once your runner stops moving, continue to the next step. Forget that you ever knew how to stand up.

Standing is a story that only children believe in. Tap Q to pull your back leg forward. Don't hold it down too long, or you'll tip over backward. Just tap it to bring your back knee forward, until it's a short ways behind your butt. If you've been playing for longer than 10 seconds, Usain Bolt would have already finished the race.

Don't let it get to you. Tap W repeatedly. Now that your back leg is further forward, you have more room to scoot.

You can often tap W several times, hopping on your back knee or dragging it forward slowly. Stop when your front leg is fully forward, how to read others blog on bloggers com when more tapping doesn't cause you to move.

There are no fans in the background because they've all walked home. On their legs. Alternate between Q and W. Keep repeating this knee-hop, and you'll scoot forward with very little chance of falling down. Tapping between the two keys quickly will get you there, but you'll how to use ackis recipe list faster and avoid tendonitis if you move in larger spurts.

Hit Q to bring your knee forward, then hit W several times to lunge forward. Repeat until you're at the hurdle. QWOP is too easy. We don't need those O and P keys. Wait, there's a hurdle? Yes, there's a hurdle at the 50 meter mark. It is possible to stay in the splits position, knock the hurdle over, and push it to the finish line.

You'll move even slower than before, but stepping over it is risky. If you do want to get over it after knocking it downtry propping yourself up on your front foot with O. Once your front calf is tilted a little forward of vertical, hit Q and W vigorously to clear the hurdle. It's very hard to do this without falling over.

If you've made it past the hurdle, you deserve a break from sarcastic comments. Congratulations, and good luck becoming a National Champion at the meter mark. Method 2 of Understand the movements. Practice will help you get a feel for the controls, but it can take a long time before they make sense. Here's a straightforward explanation of what the controls actually do: [1] X Research source Q moves the right thigh forward and the left thigh back. W moves the left thigh how to scan a document with windows vista and the right thigh back.

O bends the right knee and extends the left knee. P bends the left knee and extends the right knee. Practice long key presses. Beginners sometimes don't realize that holding down the key keeps the muscles flexed.

A quick tap will flex your leg and relax it right away, leading to jerky movements. For consistent, powerful strides, you want to hold the keys down for a qwop strategy how to run second. Press W and O to push with your right foot. Press and hold these keys at the same time to give the runner a little forward momentum.

Think of this as one control: pushing off with the right leg. When well timed, it will raise the left foot up off the ground. Press Q and P to push with your left foot.

Just before your left foot in front hits the ground, release W and O, press Q and P at the same time, and hold. This will push off with your left foot, and bring your right foot all the way forward with a lifted knee. Alternate between WO qwop strategy how to run QP.

Keep your attention on the leg in front. Just before the foot hits the ground, release the two keys you're holding and press the other two. This will get your runner into a slow but well-balanced rhythm. He should shoot the next foot forward while leaning back, then fall forward a little further on the track.

You can also watch the runner's front thigh. It's how to invite all friends to event to press when it falls to a level parallel with the ground. Speed up your stride.

If you don't want to spend a ton of time, you'll need to speed up. When your forward foot just begins to fall, repeat with the other pair of keys. You'll move faster, but it will be much easier to make a mistake and fall over. When done correctly, your runner's torso will stay vertical. The front foot will hit the ground directly below the torso. If the foot falls behind the torso, you're hitting the keys too late. Correct mistakes. Leaning too far back slows you down, but with practice you can recover fairly easily.

How NOT to play QWOP

There are only four controls in "QWOP." The "Q" key moves the right thigh forward and the left thigh back, while the "W" key moves the left thigh forward and the right thigh back. The "O" key moves the right calf forward and the left calf back; the "P" key moves the left calf forward and the right calf back. In practice, these keys are used to perform two distinct motions: Perform a left stride by pressing "Q" and "P" together and holding them, then perform a right stride by pressing "W" .

Making the runner run in "QWOP" appears to be simple, but it can actually be frustratingly difficult. Although the controls are basic, successfully running the length of the game's meter track requires practice, timing and a little luck. There are only four controls in "QWOP. The "O" key moves the right calf forward and the left calf back; the "P" key moves the left calf forward and the right calf back.

In practice, these keys are used to perform two distinct motions: Perform a left stride by pressing "Q" and "P" together and holding them, then perform a right stride by pressing "W" and "O" together. Just knowing how to stride isn't enough to make it to the end of the course. The key to successful running in "QWOP" is timing. While your runner performs a left stride, his right leg will come up.

Press "W" and "O" together at the right time so that the right foot will strike the ground below the hips. Don't hold down the controls until you're ready for the next stride. Stride and release, then stride with the opposite leg. If the runner's foot is hitting the ground too far forward, try pressing the thigh button slightly before the calf button.

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