what do leeches feel like


Mar 29, Leech therapy sounds thoroughly medieval however, it predates the medieval era by a substantial chunk of time. Ancient Egyptians, Indians, Arabs, and Greeks all used leeches . Mar 07, I do like comfortable clothes and footwear. Wearing boots, for example, means that I can make confident steps and therefore be confident. Active grounding work. 2. Tough one. I feel I am in a good place becoming non-attached to others because I am so tired of this. Tired of giving away my own precious life energy. There are still a lot of work.

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You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. First Prev 4 of 6 Go to page. Her lack of ability to reflect on herself what do leeches feel like the consequences of her actions is remarkable. It really hit home when she posted that most recent weight loss update. She literally filmed herself talking about how she was disappointed in herself for gaining weight and how it was all going to change several times over the course of a few weeks, strung them all together, and still didn't pick up on the trend.

That's like reading a novel where the symbolism pointing to the good guy what is there to do in hamburg germany a literal ray of fucking sunshine following him around like a spotlight wherever he goes. Zika Virus said:.

Yes, but not according to the DSM-V. Click to expand Her tears made me laugh. Crying Amberlynn is the best Amberlynn. Gave what do leeches feel like a thumbs up. Sulevin said:. Every side of AL from what I've seen is fake and manipulative. If anything the reality of Destiny moving on and away has finally hit What are the causes of overfishing. That along with her friend doubting her diabetes results, being stuck in Kentucky, and getting close to or exceeding lb has collectively exacerbated her depression.

Salade Nicoise A healthy French lunch. Every fucking time with the phone anxiety shit. Phone anxiety is real. You don't have it, Ham Hock. You have 'not wanting to put my self in situations where someone will call me out on my bullshit' anxiety. Because you're a fucking waste of space human who manipulates, abuses and leeches life from everyone around you.

This fucking video. I can't. Simultaneously the most boring thing I've ever seen, but also infuriating I finally sat down and watched this. Might explain why she is talking so "soft" and keeps looking over her shoulder, like she's about to be caught.

Scrolled through comments more to see what happened all day while I was doing real adult people things. Xenomorph I pulled off your wings, and I laughed. Rotogravure said:.

Scrolled through comments more to see what happened all day while I was doing real adult people things; View attachment Obviously, no proofs. But I wonder where they think they are getting that information from. BeebTheMilch Rarely have I ee-uhn all day. The Slatons got lucky before they passed that law and probably was the reason for it. BeebTheMilch said:. Could she get it for her "slipped disk" that she sometimes mentions?

Catnip s t o p kiwifarms. I couldn't watch the entire video cause I was getting annoyed. Her misery and "woe is me" attitude is getting so bad that it makes it unbearable to watch.

I miss happier, less notorious Amber where she showed her disgusting eating habits proudly without lying every two seconds. I can't imagine being stuck in a house with her if this is her attitude all the time, it would drive me insane. Croissants kiwifarms. Ambaby kiwifarms. Oh Hamburgers said:. It could be Krystal. I may be wrong about this, but I think she made that "Losing my best friend" post around the same time that she got her test results back. Whatthefuck kiwifarms.

Oh Hamburgers Hey fellers! Ambaby said:. I don't remember that post. Was it on YT or somewhere else? Catnip said:. Hamber will never change. Hamber likes her little world, as unsustainable as it is. To her, she can continue being this dainty princess living a carefree life of movies, McDonalds and colouring with her wattled gorlfriend in tow.

Until that bubble pops completely - maybe a fall in the shower that renders her bedridden - she will never change, never admit she has a problem, never acknowledge the fragility of the life she is leading.

She may appease the haydurs by occasionally having a "vulnerable" moment on camera, but we all know what kind of life she is living. Malibougie kiwifarms. Yes you damn should be feeling like this! You have designed your life to feel this way! But this bitch is exploiting mental illness for money.

She disables the comments in a dramatic way. Blaming the comments once more for her depresshun. She vanshises for long enough for the heat to die down and she is made to feel like people are begging for her return.

I also agree about her deciding to record just how depressed she is was to manipulate. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar threads. BlancoMailo Sep 6, Beauty Parlour 2 3 4 5 6. Replies Views what is a sequoia tree. Apr 1, BlancoMailo. Horrifying Erotica. Replies 24 Views 13K. May 2, BB5. Gordon Cole Jan 15, Lolcows Replies 4K Views K.

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Leeches have segmented bodies (imagine "rings," like an earthworm) and suckers at both ends: one large sucker at the rear of the body, used for crawling and leverage, and a smaller sucker at the front containing the jaws and the mouth. Not all leeches are blood drinkers. Feel like taking a swim in a wetland? Before you jump in or even wade through the water, you may want to consider another wetland animal with a bad reputation: leeches. Most leeches prefer environments with standing water, making freshwater wetlands a perfect home. They feed by latching onto another animal or a human and sucking their blood. Mar 20, I shouldnt feel like this I was pissed off from the title before I even started the video. Yes you damn should be feeling like this! You have designed your life to feel this way! I am totally triggered and I know that I shouldnt be. But this bitch is exploiting mental illness for money.

Join InHerSight's growing community of professional women and get matched to great jobs and more! Already have an account? Practically unreadable. They might believe the employee is lazy or incompetent or just plain dislike themeven if, and sometimes especially if, the employee is good at what they do.

This is a form of prejudice, and left unchecked, it breeds a toxic work environment for the marginalized employee: The manager might find ways to isolate the employee, excluding them from meetings or even moving them to a different location in the office.

Sounds terrible, right? It is. And although it can happen to anyone, it most often happens to groups already fighting uphill battles in our workplaceswomen, people of color, people with disabilities, people who are overweight, etc. Here are a few examples of marginalization at work:. Assuming someone will act a certain way based on stereotypes about their identity aspects such as race, gender, sexuality, etc.

Singling someone out because of their religious beliefs or cultural practices. Finding ways to isolate someone, like purposefully leaving them out of meetings.

The behavior usually results in marginalized employees feeling invisible, as if their skills are unwelcome or unnecessary on their team or in their company. Writer Jeanette LeBlanc penned perhaps one of the most eloquent quotes about marginalization, both in terms of how it affects those who are marginalized and flies under the radar. But it is also entitled and arrogant and can quickly move into a dangerous form of gaslighting.

When this happens it is an act of shaming and a violence done. And to say that we create the entirely of our own realities is a way this world will have peopleespecially marginalized groups of peoplehold responsibility for the circumstances in which they were without power. Guard yourself against perpetuating this, and hold yourself tenderly and solidly if it is ever pushed upon you.

Marginalization can have damaging effects on individuals' mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Faced with exclusion, marginalized employees often become disengaged with their work and even more isolated. For companies wanting to stay relevant, marginalization is a cancer.

Marginalized employees begin to look for work elsewhere, and with their departure go diverse ideas and perspectives that could help companies evolve. It's LegalTechnically. Social or professional exclusion and marginalization are not always the same thing. You could be putting people off by being too negative, talking too much, or boasting.

You might also be avoiding socializing and could try connecting with others before jumping to conclusions. Try attending company events or happy hours with coworkers. Ask someone you admire to get coffee. Join or create a support group in your company to build up your community.

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When a picture is worth a thousand words.