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Mara Salvatrucha

May 28, MS members often have the gang's name tattooed across their chests. The MS stands for Mara Salvatrucha. This is believed to be a combination of Mara, meaning gang, Salva, for Salvador, . Mara Salvatrucha (MS or MS) is a powerful Central American gang founded in Los Angeles in by Salvadoran immigrants. The gang operates mainly in Central America and the U.S., but there are traces of the gang in Canada and South America as well.

Mara Salvatrucha MSinternational gang involved in drug and human smuggling, prostitutionmurder, and extortionamong other illegal activities. It was founded in Los Angeles in the s by immigrants from El Salvador and later spread throughout the United States, Central Americaand Meaj, gaining a reputation for extreme violence.

The bloody conflict left somepeople displaced, thousands of whom fled to the United States and migrated to largely Hispanic areas of southern Los Angeles. Most of these mafa in Los Angeles were already inundated with powerful Mexican gangs who preyed on weaker cultural groups.

Despite a steady increase in membershipaided by the recruitment of immigrants who had fled unrest in Guatemala and NicaraguaMara Salvatrucha struggled against rival gangs. What is the current time in pueblo colorado order to strengthen its position, in the early s it formed an alliance with the Mexican Mafia, a powerful gang also based in Los Angeles.

During this time, Mara Salvatrucha became known as MS, reportedly because M was the 13th letter of the alphabet. In addition, it operated in a number of Central American countries, especially El Salvador. With no formal leadership, cliques of gang members mraa with relative independence, making it more difficult for law enforcement to limit their influence.

MS members were responsible for brutal gang wars, murder, prostitution, drug smuggling, human traffickingand illegal transport of aliens across the United StatesMexico border. The gang also sought alliances with other organized salvatruucha entities, including Mexican drug cartels.

Government officials expressed extreme concern about Mara Salvatrucha because of its ties to powerful ex-paramilitary members in El Salvador.

In the mids, changes in U. Salvadoran officials claimed that many deported gang members returned to the disorganized neighborhoods of El Salvador and other Central American countries in search marz eager converts. Youthful recruits from severely impoverished neighborhoods found disciplinepurpose, and income. Many then found their way back into the United States illegally, thus increasing the problem in that country. In response, in the U.

Reports gave upwards of 50, in Central America. The majority of its members dles between the ages of 11 and 40, and they are easily identified through very visible tattoosoften on the face. Mara Salvatrucha international criminal gang. Print Cite verified Cite. While every effort has been made to follow citation style rules, there may be some discrepancies.

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A reputation for extreme violence

Mara Salvatrucha (MS), international gang involved in drug and human smuggling, prostitution, murder, and extortion, among other illegal activities. It was founded in Los Angeles in the s by immigrants from El Salvador and later spread throughout the United States, Central America, and Canada, gaining a reputation for extreme violence. Apr 20, The MS stands for Mara Salvatrucha, said to be a combination of Mara, meaning gang, Salva, for Salvador, and trucha, which translates roughly into .

The latest was a mass murder on Monday on Long Island, where the bodies of four males, including three teenagers, were found mangled in the woods, according to police.

President Trump tweeted to call the gang "bad". Attorney General Jeff Sessions vowed to "devastate" it. Both blamed Obama-era immigration policy for its rise. The gang began in the barrios of Los Angeles in LA during the s, formed by immigrants who had fled El Salvador's long and brutal civil war. Other members came from Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico.

The MS stands for Mara Salvatrucha, said to be a combination of Mara, meaning gang, Salva, for Salvador, and trucha, which translates roughly into street smarts. The 13 represents the position of M in the alphabet. MS established a reputation for extreme violence and for killing with machetes.

It took root in neighbourhoods dominated by Mexican gangs, and later expanded to other parts of the country. In , the US Treasury designated the gang a "transnational criminal organisation". It was the first street gang to receive the dubious honour, placing it alongside much larger international cartels like the Mexican Zetas, Japanese Yakuza and Italian Camorra. MS has been accused of recruiting poor and at-risk teenagers. Joining is said to require being "jumped in" - subjected to a vicious second beating - and "getting wet" - carrying out a crime, often a murder, for the gang.

Leaving is potentially even more dangerous. Large chest tattoos brand members for life, and some factions are said to murder members who attempt to leave. A FBI threat assessment put the size of MS between 6, and 10, members in the US, making it one of the largest criminal enterprises in the country. It is now larger outside the country, according to the agency.

An anti-gang crackdown in the late s saw hundreds of early members shipped back to Central American countries, where they established offshoots. Estimates put the number of members in Central American countries at at least 60, Recent high-profile cases linked to the gang include the murder of two female high-school students who were attacked with a machete and baseball bat as they walked through their neighbourhood in New York last month - a revenge attack over a minor dispute, according to police.

Four alleged MS members were charged with that crime. Another two alleged members were charged at the same time with the murder of a fellow gang member said to have violated gang protocol. The same month, two alleged members of the gang in Houston, Texas were charged with kidnapping three teenage girls, holding them hostage and raping them before shooting one dead on the side of the road.

Miguel Alvarez-Flores, 22, and Diego Hernandez-Rivera, 18, laughed and waved at the cameras during their court appearance. MS's motto is "kill, rape, control", according to one FBI gang specialist who investigated the group. Mr Trump and Mr Sessions have pointed the finger at former President Barack Obama over the spread of MS, alleging that his open-door immigration policies fuelled its growth. But the gang formed and flourished in the US long before Mr Obama came to power.

MS was identified as a significant threat in the s, and a special FBI taskforce was convened against the gang in The Obama administration also prioritised the deportation of gang criminals, including MS members, in an aggressive deportation program.

Sign-up to get news from the BBC in your inbox, each weekday morning. Prison life in El Salvador. US targets El Salvador gang cash. MS gang accused of New York murders. But what is MS and is Obama really to blame? A reputation for extreme violence. According to the FBI, the gang has spread to 46 states. Brutal initiations. Blaming Obama.

Politifact rated Mr Trump's claim as false. Related Topics. Gangs United States El Salvador. More on this story. Published 20 November Published 12 October Published 3 March