what happened to larry elder on kabc

Larry Elder

Dec 03,  · Longtime KABC conservative talk show host Larry Elder was fired Tuesday after his shift, L.A. Radio reports, citing Elder's agent George Green. . Dec 04,  · Libertarian talk show host Larry Elder - who called himself 'The Sage from South Central' – was a fixture at KABC for most of the last two decades, until Tuesday, when he was abruptly fired. .

Green says a format change could be coming, or the station could be trying to cut salaries. Everyone is cutting talent. In the most recent ratings period, Green said KABC averaged just 12, listeners during Elder's timeslot, which made it the 32nd most-heard program in Los Angeles during those hours, according to the Nielsen Co.

By comparison, conservative talk station KFI-AM's "John and Ken" was the fifth most-popular program during the same timeslot, with an average of 48, listeners. Elder was back hosting his show Wednesday, but on a podcast, not on the radio, talking about a grand jury's decision not to indict the NYPD officers who killed Eric Garner.

Green said Elder's what is the meaning of relevant "had been preparing for something like this happening," so they were ready to produce their own podcast on a moment's notice. Green hopes Elder will be back hosting on radio or television soon, and he says he's received interest after word of the firing spread.

The trade paper also obtained an internal memo from the station:. As part of this transition, Larry Elder's contract is not being picked up for the coming year, effective today. Ben Bergman December 4, Listen to Download this 0MB. The trade paper also obtained an internal memo from the station: "At the beginning of this year, KABC Radio made changes to our lineup and packaging that have proven to be positive and fruitful," Hayes said in his memo.

April 22, An Update from Larry Mantle. Larry Mantle. July 16, Announcing LAist Studios.

I got fired for calling out liberal hypocrisy on Clintons

Dec 03,  · The popular Libertarian occupied the 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. time slot, which will now be filled by guest hosts KABC, one of the largest AM radio stations in . He and KABC agreed to part ways. It sounds like KABC had to make budget cuts and Larry didn't accept the pay cut so he decided to quit. December 12, , was his final day on KABC. Elder then began a daily live podcast as well as a webcast starting in December On September 27, , Elder returned to KABC. On December 2, , Elder was fired from KABC following his afternoon datingyougirl.com mater: Brown University (A.B.), University .

Just because he says negative things about blacks that you can't because you're too afraid, doesn't make Larry's demise exceptional. Moore may be contacted at gmoore40 mindspring. Jackson is off the air because he is a Jew or because he is a native of South Africa, the politically incorrect portion of the African continent. Being neither paranoid nor liberal, I will tell you that Mr.

Jackson lost his latest incarnation of a talk show for two reasons, low ratings and a low-rated station owner who never has been able to convince himself about a profitable format for his struggling station. Jackson is a charming raconteur. He should be back on the air. But liberal talk radio has been a consistent failure in nearly every major American market, probably, I add without malice, because radio is too cerebral for most liberals.

Liberals are more instinctively inclined to be physically active than reflective. I can think of only one liberal radio talker who is arguably thoughtful. The rest heavily deal in mockery and vulgarity, a dead-end philosophy. Most liberal talk shows have flopped.

Failure commonly can be traced to unsubtle, one-note hosts who are neither rounded nor well informed. My understanding: A salary-dump by corner-cutting ownership. As a drive-time star who was making too much money for his bosses, the scholarly and courageous Mr. Elder was a rarity. Communicating with a clarity that was underpinned by deep research and accessible rationality, he became an instant target because he was a brave critic of the lockstep American black community.

Ninety-five percent of blacks are blank-faced stooges for their liberal Democratic minders. At election time, they conduct themselves as intellectual paraplegics. Democrats have not worried about courting the black vote since thes.

Lockstep blacks have responded by dutifully supporting only left-wing Dems. Self-introspection offends black and white liberals. The drumbeat of intensely personal denigration by his raw-spoken critics was as coarse and irrational as it was voluble. Critics never found a technique for rationally debating, much less persuading, a thoroughly read student of history.

Unable to refute Mr. Secretly, even coarse critics seemed to envy Mr. A few years ago, a thuggish group of low-brow black activists used traditional union-style intimidation tactics to attempt to drive Mr.

Elder off the air. Elder and his supporters eventually managed to repel them. Crude attacks from the scattered intimidators never abated, though, down to an unfortunate day last December. What happened to Michael Jackson? Where's your article about him? Widely uninformed, hardly any blacks are serious voters.