what three characters sing the chipmunk song

Alvin and The Chipmunks

Bagdasarian came up with the idea for a trio of singing chipmunks after seeing one of those creatures on the road, refusing to move for his car. Within three weeks of being released the song had sold over million copies, making it the fastest-selling record of rows · Dec 18,  · Alvin and the Chipmunks is a five-time Grammy Award-winning animated .

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Javascript is required to view shouts on this page. Go directly to shout page. View all similar artists. View all trending tracks. Loading player…. Scrobble from Spotify? Connect to Spotify Dismiss. Search Search. The group consists of three singing chipmunks: Alvinthe mischievous troublemaker, who quickly became the star of the group, Simonthe tall bespectacled intellectual, and Theodorethe chubby, impressionable sweetheart.

The trio is "managed" by their human "father" and confidant, David Seville. In reality, David Seville was Bagdasarian's stage name, and the Chipmunks themselves are named after the executives of their original recor… read more. The group consists of three singing chipmunks: Alvinthe mischievous troublemaker, who quickly became the star of the group, Simonthe tall bespectacled intellectual… read more.

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Dec 21,  · Miles of multitracked tape later (all voices and harmonies recorded solo by Bagdasarian), "The Chipmunk Song" became a sensation that hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot , earned three .

Asked by Wiki User. Alvin, Simon and Theodore are there names. Alvin, Theodore, and Simon. Alvin, Theodore, and Simon are the three chipmunk's names. In musicals, yes, the characters do sing the songs. In stage productions, it is possible that the characters do sing the songs. In movies that are not musicals, then it is likely that any song heard is background music, and is not sung by the characters. Ba humbug. Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel. Yes she was human too. I saw the light.

Your the reason. Hark the Herald Angels Sing. No, Korn does not sing that song. Sing a Song for You was created in Sing a Song was created in Are You Ready. The king, the queen and a maid. Ask Question. Drama and Acting. Animated and Children's Movies. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered Related Questions. What 3 characters sing The Chipmunk Song? What three chipmunks sing the chipmunk song? What three characters sing the chipmunks song?

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