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Top Things to Do in Taormina Ц One of the Best Places to See in Sicily

Top Attractions in Taormina 1. Ancient Theatre of Taormina. 2. Corso Umberto. 3. Isola Bella. Beautiful beach with a nice view from the Isola Bella. 4. Villa Comunale. We have just returned from a wonderfully relaxing holiday in a quiet apartment set in the most 5. Piazza IX Aprile. A. Biblioteca Comunale Sant' Agostino 26 reviews "St. Augustine, located in the central Piazza IX Aprile, is a Gothic cathedral dating from the fifteenth century, now converted into the Taormina library and, .

By: Author Veronika. Taormina is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy and is the full package for a one day trip. Even quite a few famous and notable people have fallen in love with Taormina Ч see my article on Famous Quotes about Sicily. Driving is the best way to get to Taormina. I can also highly recommend that you spend the night or dogs are allergic to what foods in Taormina.

Once you arrive to Taormina, take a relaxed stroll up via Teatro Greco to the Ancient Theatre of Taormina to feast your eyes on both the ancient theatre and the stunning panoramic views over the town, across the Ionian sea and towards the Calabrian coast. The Ancient Theatre of Taormina is remarkably well preserved and still used today for musical and opera performances.

The building site was originally carved right out of the rock and the theatre was constructed to accommodate around spectators. Construction of the theatre was started by the Greeks around the 3rd century BC for the purpose of hosting dramatic and music performances.

The theatre was later renovated by the Romans around the 2nd century AD, at which time statues and columns taorina added, and it was then utilized for hosting gladiator battles and other games.

What an amazing experience it must have been to attend a drama or a gladiator battle in ancient times, surrounded by such incredible views. I imagine there was some amazing wine and food provided to complete the experience too. Nowadays concerts and theatre performances are occasionally still organized at Teatro Greco.

InBrit Floyd or Sting will be performing at the unique venue. Visiting the Ancient Greek Theatre is the no. They will disperse around the theatre. You can visit the theatre with a guide se. Click here to check out a pleasant evening guided tour of Taormina including the Ancient Greek Theatre. Hello from the Teatro Greco! What a nice view of the sea too, right?

This frosty treat, along with a tasty brioche, is actually a common breakfast wgat Sicilians. At Bam Bar they make their granitas with real ingredients instead of with only artificial flavouring, which is a common method. You what to see in taormina mix and match the flavours too, I got strawberry and chocolate and my husband got almond and apricot.

Both were top class and we fully enjoyed them along with a few delicious brioche buns. Outside of the Bam Bar Ч full but worth it! Alas for those hardcore foodies who want to experience the culinary scene of Taormina on a deeper level, I recommend trying the Food and Wine Walking Tour. The tour lasts 2. Stretching from the city gates Porta Messina to Porta Catania, the Corso Umberto is the most vibrant street in the city.

There are art galleries, of which at least one is run by a cute french whwt who loves belly rubs! Strolling along the Corso Umberto reveals gems like this building! Santa Caterina Church and Palazzo Corvaja Ч both well worth checking out! You can also find a low-key castle right next. From Piazza IX Aprile you can enjoy more amazing views as you gaze at the natural beauty of wee sea and Mount Etna in the distance. If a casual stroll is not quite enough for you, then you can learn and explore even more with a 90 Min Private Tour or a Half Day Private Tour.

There are 2 main beaches for you to visit in the Taormina vicinity, Mazzaro and Isola Bella, which are both pebble beaches. What to see in taormina that the city is high atop a hill and the beaches are how to remove moss from astroturf below, the best method of transportation is definately to take Taormina cable car which you can access on via Pirandello.

This beach is settled in a bay just North of Isola Bella and is the smaller of the two beaches. There are also a few nice little beach bars from where se can enjoy some refreshing beverages and watch all the sun bathers, swimmers and divers from a cool shady view point.

The second beach, Isola Bella, is a lot larger and more spread out. Isola Bella Beach with the islet on the left. Back in the island was bought by a wealthy english noblewoman named Lady Florence Trevelyan. She built a home there and as a passionate horticulturist she covered the small island with exotic trees, shrubs and plants.

Wuat Lady Florence Trevelyan and her husband died in the town of Taormina prevented any construction on the island and thus it laid dormant for almost 50 years until it was how to design the web site in by the Bosurgi family who owned a large citrus processing factory in the region.

The Bosurgi family was able to negotiate the lifting of the construction ban which allowed them to build a lavish home there. Hard times fell inand the failure of the citrus processing how to write a cursive z caused all of the Bosurgi family assets to be auctioned off.

Afterwards the island was left abandoned and it became the target of vandalism which destroyed much of its beauty until when the island was purchased by the Department of Cultural Heritage. It was turned to a nature reserve in the same year and has since been open to the public. I loved the Isola Bella BeachЕ can you tell? Isola Bella island Ч you can cross over when the tide is low.

You can visit the island by crossing over from the Isola Bella beach. But some TripAdvisor reviews suggest taormiba opposite. Up to you :. Now taormija can see that Taormina really is the full package, right? We absolutely loved it there and still have incredible memories and a big desire to get back to Bam Bar for another granita. We have no immediate plans to return just yet so in the meantime please go enjoy a refreshing granita and brioche for us and let me know what you think.

Find all my Italian articles here. Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. The amphitheater is well preserved and offers [Е]. Really great post. Thanks how to grow giant bamboo from seed sharing your tips and photos.

We've been there and we how to make a picture not blurry in photoshop in love whwt this city. Taormina is in our heart for always and for sure we will come back and visit places we haven't been.

It is so amazing city and we've brought a lot of great memories to our blog. Maybe you will find some inspirations there? You can easily visit it on a day trip or stay a few nights. Taogmina post may contain affiliate links. Table of Contents. View of Taormina, a city built into a hill. What is a Granita? Our granitas, brioches and a cappucino :. The gate to Taormina: Porta Messina.

The Taormina Beach Ttaormina. The ride down in the cable car :. The tiny and full Mazzaro Beach. Why Visit Warsaw Poland? Click here to cancel reply.

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1. Teatro Greco (Greek Theater)

What to see in Taormina Being one of the most known tourist destinations in whole Sicily, Taormina still represents one of the poshest places in the region. Located in an ideal cape, where people can admire both the gorgeous panoramas and the landscape from Calabria to the Mount Etna Ц the tallest active volcano in Europe. Things to Do in Taormina, Province of Messina: See Tripadvisor's , traveller reviews and photos of Taormina tourist attractions. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in February. We have reviews of the best places to see in Taormina. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. Aug 13, †Ј The Taormina Beach Experience There are 2 main beaches for you to visit in the Taormina vicinity, Mazzaro and Isola Bella, which are both pebble beaches. Being that the city is high atop a hill and the beaches are set below, the best method of transportation is definately to take Taormina cable car which you can access on via Pirandello.

Thanks for sharing Flavia Curcuraci. Being one of the most known tourist destinations in whole Sicily, Taormina still represents one of the poshest places in the region. Located in an ideal cape, where people can admire both the gorgeous panoramas and the landscape from Calabria to the Mount Etna Ч the tallest active volcano in Europe.

The streets, the medieval buildings, the archeological sites and the essential charm are a natural attraction for tourists from all over the world. The close beaches are as well a wonderful natural scenario. Moreover in the last few years Taormina has acquired an outstanding position as a location for national and international cultural events.

The city walls embrace the Greek-Roman part of the city. The built according a medieval urban planning houses are well-maintained, the streets are clear and well-illuminated. Nonetheless it is important to state that this is a no-go area. This piazza used to be a defense outpost, before being reconstructed in the 17 th century after the destruction caused by the Bourbon army.

The Basilica has a nave and two aisles, divided by six columns and the inside is richly embellished by painting from different periods. The Greek Theater is the most known architectural in Taormina. It was built in the III century B. Dig into the side of a hill, the theatre has a really particular position over the sea and with the Mount Etna and the Strait of Messina on the background. This theatre was used by the Greeks for tragedies and plays, but this function was distorted by the Romans who turned it into an amphitheatre for gladiators and wild animals battles.

Its impressive dimensions Ч it is actually meters long! Built during the Arabs domination, it must have had a defense goal: its structure has partially maintained its original Arab cubical shape, even though it was in many ways rebuilt. In this palazzo hosted the Sicilian Parliament, which was in charge of selecting the heir of the Aragorn domain. This theatre was likely built in the II century B.

Its relatively small dimensions is related to the fact that it was built on a preexisting Greek Temple. The plays acted in this theatre came basically from important music and literature works.

The naumachie are one of the biggest Roman discovery in Sicily. This construction Ч it is longer than meters -, has big and small niches and it was used as a tank for the valleys during dryness periods. Today its foundations are used for some buildings and houses. This Museum hosts many ancient finds which emerged belonging to different digs: three different halls are destined for the pottery, urns, sculptures and a marble sarcophagus representing Psyche.

All finds date back to the Greek-Roman age. The dominating position of the Sicilian East-Coast involved a wide range of interests from foreign populations. After the Greek colonization, the Romans took the control, leaving some of the most beautiful art pieces of the ancient Sicily. During the Roman colonization Ч which started in B. Nonetheless, after a while the Roman invasion became really oppressive exerting some of the cruelest repression acts against the population. The Arab invasion took place in and had tragic consequences: after a several years state of siege, the conquerors had no mercy, killing people and destroying the largest part of the buildings.

Today Taormina is still one of the most demanded and, a without fail, most important Mediterranean destination for the tourists in Sicily. In the city centre you can find plenty of pubs, posh and really sophisticated, where you can have a cocktail, or maybe dance or meet new people.

Above all, it is possible to become acquainted with foreigners, who are definitively not a minority in Taormina. If you enjoy discos, well Taormina has everything you need: nightclubs are really elegant with a unique atmosphere and music all night long. If you come with your family you would definitely appreciate the walking down Corso Umberto I and the close medieval streets, tasting in the meanwhile a slice of pizza in a restaurant or an ice-cream in one of the awesome city bars.

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